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Pre-ICO OPU – qualitative investing in dermatology

Pre-ICO OPU - qualitative investing in dermatology 2018/06/26 - 2018/07/05

OPU is a new decentralized platform based on Ethereum, designed to solve the problems of facial skin care. Developers want their platform to become the leading link in solving problems for skin care. They want to improve the skin care industry. To achieve their goal, they want to use a kind of combination consisting of blockade, e-commerce, AI, facial skin analysis and a large data library. Of the 6 planned components of the platform, only one is ready. Others in development.

Distribution of OPU Tokens
  • Market Development
  • Research Development
  • Aquisitions
  • Operations

ICO will be held in 3 stages:

  1. Private Sale (part of Pre-ICO pool) – 05/03/2018. At this stage, you could get a bonus of 100%.
  2. Pre-ICO – 26.06-05.07.2018. At this stage, depending on the day of purchase of the tokens, you can get a bonus from 67% to 11%.
  3. ICO – 17/07/2018. At this stage, bonuses are not provided.

Project Support

The project team consists of first-class specialists in the field of ICO, block-technologies and cosmetics. Over the shoulders of many of them considerable experience in this field.

The founder of the platform is Marc Bookman. He has more than 25 years of experience in software and online services. He worked at Sony, and also founded MCN and Sentius. In his team works Raj Jhaveri – a person known in the cryptoworld. He is the co-founder of Manethryn Technology, and also helped startups like Safe Health, Face2Face Health, ScoutDay and others.

Dr. Bhanusali is Senior Dermatology Advisor and leader of the Opu Labs Advisory Board. He is known in the United States as the most experienced dermatologist and researcher of the nature of the skin of the face. Knowingly he heads the list of advisers.

At the moment neither on the official website nor in WhitePaper there is information about the project partners, so let’s hope that this shortcoming will soon be corrected. It can not be that such a classy and promising project had no partners.

OPU ICO Details

Private Sale2018/03/05
CountryBritish Virgin Islands
Price0.059259 USD
Min Investment0.1 ETH
Minimum Cap3,000,000 USD
Hard Cap37,000,000 USD

ICO Terms and Conditions

Developers created quite a considerable number of tokens – 12,000,000,000. Of these, only 660,000,000 are available for purchase. Based on publicly available information, 5.5% of tokens for purchase, 10.5% for developers, and 74% for development, and 10% for other expenses. Apparently, a rather strange distribution of tokens. According to OPU Labs rules, tokens that will not be purchased during the ICO, as well as unused tokens for bounty, force majeure and bonuses will be destroyed. Buy tokens can all, without exception, people in any countries of the world, except the US and Japan – about these countries have restrictions. The team plans to spend the money with the ICO as follows: 43% for platform development, 9.9% for technical operations, 27.7% for research and functional development, and 19.4% for other needs.


What problems does the project solve?

The skin care industry is very distinctive. On Earth, 7 billion people and their skin are different. Few of those who care for their skin listens to the advice of professional doctors. Most people choose cosmetics based on advertising and friends. To create the right idea of ​​a particular facial skin care product, dermatologists need accurate data from different patients. Thus, the developers want to help people choose those skin care products that are ideal for them and do not harm it in any way.

How does the platform work?

  1. A person who wants to find a facial skin care product scans his face with an application from OPU Labs.
  2. Artificial intelligence analyzes the provided skin according to different parameters and offers various methods of treatment and care products.
  3. A person takes information into account, and then can consult a doctor or a professional in this field. After communication, the patient can put an evaluation and a tip about the doctor.

OPU Wallets (estimated)


According to analysts, today only 12% of all people turn to a professional dermatologist for help in solving skin problems, but 80% would like to receive advice on the choice of skin care products. Since OPU Labs combines Medical Data Storage, Diagnostic Skincare, Telemedicine / Service Platforms, Beauty Apps, it will attract many dermatological doctors and clinics, as well as ordinary people who want to leave their skin smooth and beautiful.

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OPU Labs is a promising project. The problem of skin care, the correct choice of this remedy - is very relevant for today. Given that the pages of the project on Facebook and Twitter have a large number of subscribers (about 30,000), you can easily say that it will be popular. The team and the business idea are at the highest level, which is what attracts investors to this project. Paying attention to the functions that the team is going to implement - the platform will be very popular.
  • Big audition in FB and Twitter.
  • Progressive business-idea.
  • Professional command.
  • Successful stages of ICO.
  • Lack of partners.
  • Poor media coverage.
  • No bonuses on ico.

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