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Tradelize ICO — the Impeccable Future of Cryptoworld With New Instruments

Tradelize is the first-of-its-kind crypto-currency project designed to create an environment where professional traders, holders of crypto-currency assets and newcomers of cryptology will actively interact and benefit the cryptomir. Users of the platform will be able to confidently operate with their crypto assets performing various operations. This is an ideal solution for beginners and pros in the crypto world, because here they can copy transactions that were previously used by experienced traders.

ico - Tradelize ICO — the Impeccable Future of Cryptoworld With New Instruments

ICO Terms and Conditions

The ICO was divided into 2 stages:
1. Pre-ICO – 01.05.18-28.05.18. Depending on the day you buy tokens, you can get a bonus of 30% to 15%.
2. ICO – 29.05.18-30.06.18. Depending on the day you buy tokens, you can get a bonus of 10% to 5%.

Until now, it is not yet known the exact number of tokens that will be released by the developers. 1 TDZ is equal to one US dollar. Buy tokens can not all, in this limited US citizens. The maximum possible fundraising is 30 000 000 USD. Of the total number of tokens, 50% are for purchase, 20% for partners, 20% for the team and 10% for the reserve. The most interesting thing is that the funds received after ICO are not for development, but for platform participants, 80% for professional traders, 10% for business operations and 10% for marketing. The proceeds will be used mainly for distribution between 300
the best platform traders, they will manage them to develop the most successful strategies for users. Not a typical distribution of funds.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column_inner][/vc_row_inner][/vc_column]

TDZ ICO Details

Pre-ICO bonus15%
ICO bonus10-5-0%
Hard Cap$30 000 000
AcceptingFiat, BTC, ETH


At the moment the platform has not so many partners. On the official site, one can find mention only of Block Bits Capital, but we hope that the list of partners will increase significantly with time.


How does the platform work?

It is necessary to start with 3 key elements of the platform: Tradelize.terminal, Tradelize.web, Tradelize.score. Each of the above elements performs its function. The work of the platform consists of the following stages:

  1. Professional traders make deals.
  2. These transactions are recorded and processed in the block, as well as all statistics.
  3. Beginners or investors make a choice among a huge list of traders and repeat their deals.

Total Token Distribution

Token sale 50%
Tradelize team 20%
Partnerships 20%
Reserve 10%


Platform developers – one of the most experienced people in the field of work with the blockbuster and the crypto-currency market. The Advisory Council also consists of masters of their own business, participating more than once in similar projects.

The founder of the platform is Anton Zapolsky, a successful trader with 10 years experience on the crypto-currency market. He is a co-founder of Chummy, as well as a significant shareholder of Mobalytics. He also collaborates with Panzor Cybersecurity. Together with him Igor Sabodakha is working in the team. He is a professional in the financial market and financial services with an impressive experience of more than 15 years. For about 5 years he is a certified financial analyst.

Information about the advisers on the official website and in White Paper is missing, we hope that this will be fixed soon.


  1. Tradelize can not guarantee, that interruptions in the system will not have a negative impact on the use of TDZ tokens.
  2. The technology of smart contracts can lead to significant operations technological, legal, reputational and financial problems.
  3. The work of the Tradelize platform may be interrupted, suspended or delayed under the influence of circumstances.
  4. The price of purchased TDZ tokens can vary significantly for various reasons.
  5. Tradelize does not guarantee any income or profit as a result of possession of TDZ tokens.

#BTC price could not break the $20,000 level this week but multiple records related to volume and open interest were made on the way up #ToTheMoon.🚀

📌Don't forget to set your price alerts on a #BTCUSDT pair so you don't miss the next Bitcoin move!

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The long-awaited update of the Investment Portal has finally arrived! 📢

We have updated the portal’s design, including the profile and API management page. Now you can create a paid channel and stream trades in real-time!
⬇️There are tons of new features including :⬇️

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Tradelize is the new generation of the trader's market. This project is extremely successful, if only because the platform attracts professional traders, and it also has tremendous advantages for investors and newcomers. Strong command will held this project for it's end. At the same time, a lot of risks make you think, but at the same time, the advantages of the platform cover them. In social networks, the project has a small number of subscribers. This platform has too much advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, to say whether the platform is good or not is hard, everyone must decide for himself.
  • Professional team.
  • Stimulation of the work of traders through the TOP 300.
  • Tradelize application.
  • Trade using the tool Tradelize.terminal.
  • Too small number of partners.
  • Uncertainty in the number of release tokens.
  • A large number of risks.
  • Lack of information about the advisers.
  • Not a typical distribution of funds.
  • Buy tokens can all except the US.
  • Bad media coverage.
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