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Bitcoin-Box io (SCAM) — High-Interest Project With Only One Offer From Aug 07, 2018

[HYIP] Bitcoin-Box io — a Simple MLM Without Traditional HYIP Legend 2018/08/07 [Month Return 90%+]

Bitcoin-Box was started on Aug 07, 2018. According to the site, the team of developers creates financial service that accrues interest on the deposit. There is no information about sources of their income. Organizers give an understanding that their project is a financial pyramid. A perfect orientation for permanent investors in the HYIP industry.

hyip-scams - Bitcoin-Box io (SCAM) — High-Interest Project With Only One Offer From Aug 07, 2018

Financial Details

There is only one investment offer. Max amount of deposit is no limited.  Min amount depends on the selected currency:

The Bitcoin-Box accept payments in PerfectMoney, Payeer, Ethereum, Dashcoin. Min withdraw is 1 USD, 0.025 ETH, 0.05 Dash respectively. There are instant payments. 5% paid daily to account. Principal return to account at the end of the deposit term (after 6 business days or one calendar week).

If our viewers make investments by the link below, they will receive +1% CashBonus on their deposits.

If they do it today (10 Aug, Fri) or on any other Friday, then participants additionally receive +18% CashBonus. +12% every Saturday and +6% every Sunday. This bonus is added to the deposit.

This is a little compensation for the absence of both accruals and payments on weekends.


  • Register;
  • Make a deposit;
  • Take earnings;
  • Take part in the Affiliate program for bonuses.

Don’t deposit in the Dash — because it is the most non-profitable way for investing. Don’t reinvest before you withdraw the main part of the deposit.

Investment Offers

ThermROIPer Day
6 Business Days30%5%

More than 7 HYIP monitors added Bitcoin-Box to their services for a test in the first days of the launch. The total amount of their investments is approximately $1100.

The project doesn’t buy many posts about payments. Probably its admin appreciates the time of potential investors who will read investment forums.

Affiliate Program of the Bitcoin-Box

There is a powerful five-level referral system.

NameNumber of LevelsNumber of Active ReferralsInterest,% + bonus on the e-wallet
Super45015-2-1-1 + 100 USD
Mega520020-2-1-1-1 + 500 USD

Referrers can set auto referral cashback in their accounts. They also don’t need to have the active deposit for receive return with this program. You need to create banners or other marketing tools if you want to promote the project. Bitcoin-Box io only provides a link.

The system pay 1%, +2%, +3%, +4%, +5% cash bonus to direct referrals depending on the level of the referrer’s structure. This bonus is paid to the account instantly after the deposit.

  • CashBonuses on Friday and weekends.
  • Good marketing — more than 8 monitors promote this service.
  • Auto CashBonus from service.
  • The opportunity for enable and change an auto referral cashback.
  • The site works on a licensed H-script and have a SSL certificate.
  • They start work with three languages of the site, but on August 10 they added a four version of the translation — into Spanish.
  • The best conditions are ensured if you investing on Friday. The full return of the deposit on 10 calendar days after the investment.
  • Small mistakes on the site.
  • Min amount of reinvest the same as min amount of invest.
  • Weekday bonuses are paid to the main account.
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