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Bitcoin-themed Hostel Opens in Paraty, Brazil

news - Bitcoin-themed Hostel Opens in Paraty, Brazil

The first Brazil-based Bitcoin-themed hostel has been officially opened in Paraty, renowned among travelers to Brazil for its scenic views. All the services offered at the hostel, including meals and tours can be paid for with cryptocurrency. 

The owner and creator of the establishment is Alessandro Santos, an architect which has lived in the city for more than three years. He said that the idea to open Bitcoin hostel was born of the observation that the many foreigners who visit the area are interested in the cryptocurrency.

news - Bitcoin-themed Hostel Opens in Paraty, Brazil

“I am well on the route of the waterfalls, where several jeeps pass daily with these tourists and the attention they give to the theme is notorious” he explained.

news - Bitcoin-themed Hostel Opens in Paraty, Brazil

Currently, Hostel Bitcoin accepts only BTC, but, over time, Alessandro Santos plans to accept whatever coins they “can get through a simple account of an exchange like Bitrex.” Moreover, Santos unveiled plans for selling crypto at the hostel, but he declined to elaborate further on this point just yet “because of a confidentiality agreement.” 



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The owner of the hostel has also shared his plans to lead a movement to boost the acceptance of cryptocurrency in the area. “I believe that, having a good acceptance, we will be able to expand to the other inns and restaurants in the city,” he told.

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