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FASTRMO COM (SCAM) — Passive Forex Trading With Guaranteed Profit

FASTRMO COM — Amazing Global Trading Company From 2018/05/10 [at least 4% Daily Return]

FASTRMO has been working since May 10, 2018 as sleeper. According to the site, developers register FASTRMO LTD in UK with 11437196 number. It is the best trading company. It use innovative tools for automatize their work. Their investors may be assured in modern win-win strategies for trading.

A Reality

In reality, it is high-interest and fast HYIP. Investors can lose a huge amount or earn it. Min profit is $1 because interest is 4% and min deposit is $25. This project looks legendary if deposit/withdraw stats on the site is correct.

hyip-scams - FASTRMO COM (SCAM) — Passive Forex Trading With Guaranteed Profit

How to Register

Go to the FASTRMO com — SIGN UP — Fill the fields (name, login, e-mail, password, both secret question and answer) — Agree with terms — Create Account


SIGN IN — Fill the fields with login and pass — Login — Wait for DDoS-testing — Make Deposit — Choose the optimal plan — Fill amount to spend — Choose payment system (The most popular currency is USD) — Process


Withdraw — Choose amount and payment system — Withdraw

Invest in FASTRMO

There are one of the biggest interests in the fast projects.

More about investment plans

ThermROIPer Day
1 Day104-160%104-160%
7 Days133–600%19-85.71%
15 Days180–2000%12-133.33%
80 Days25000%312.5%

Principals included in the last payment. For example, if you invest $200, you receive $204 tomorrow at the same time. A higher interest started from $1,500 amount. A sleeper’s plan disappeared after rebranding. First earnings appeared according to the term of deposit. For example, if you investing in the second offer, you see them after 7 days.

Financial Information

Min deposit is $25, max — $100,000. There are 1-7-15-80 day’s term deposits. The plan number one with a 1-day return is optimal.

Investors can pay with PerfectMoney, Bitcoin, Payeer.

Be careful! Min amount for withdrawing in Bitcoins is $200. This cryptocurrency also is instability, so we don’t recommend investing with Bitcoin.

Min amount for withdrawing is 0.1 for fiat currency systems. FASTRMO doesn’t draw any hidden commission. Investors can only withdraw to the same e-currency as they deposit. There are instant payments for all offers within 1-2 minutes. Max withdrawal is no limited.

HYIP developers enable advanced login security settings. Investors can be receiving a message if a system detects either Browser or IP Address Change.

FASTRMO Affiliate Program

There is a high 6% referrers return. Participant doesn’t need an active deposit for receive payments on this system. Partners can use banners for promotion, which are placed on the Referral Links menu. The administration forbade be referrers for family members. In these cases, moderators can ban users’ accounts. So, you need to create a ticket on the support and give access before do it.

Our team thinks that sleepers created for receiving both free ads and start capital for the fast project. The admin shows good technical part on the start and after rebranding. He spares no money on the ads. We think that the project can do at least five investment circles for the optimal plan.
  • The site works on the licensed GoldGoders script.
  • Admin bought SSL certificate and extended it for one year.
  • At least 200 users visit the site every day.
  • DDos-protection is enabled.
  • Domain will be expire after 1 year on 2019/05/07.
  • Good marketing on the start.
  • The company has UK registration with 11437196 number.
  • According to the stats on the main project, it already collect a lot of money (about $2–3 millions).
  • We cannot find any information about date of the rebranding and change in marketing.
  • They ensures that investors don’t lose money. It is lie because HYIP investment is associated with such a probability. They can write it in FAQ section.
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My way: investing in HYIP (profit) => playing in the casino (profit) => HYIP.COM So, here I am, I am ready to share with you my unique experience.

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  1. Anna

    I have been trying to start online investment with private online investment’s also a high yield platform, According to my research, they seem regit.should I go ahead with the investment because I have been a victim of online fraud so am a bit skeptical.

  2. Anna

    Hello mr, it is with interest that i taken company knowledge. What i note is that you all say the same thing. But in the end you will close and disappear without any information about you. This makes that hyips companies are too fear of you. Several we have made these fauts coups. What do we guarantee?


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