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HYIP Industry: Weekly Report From 2018/08/11–2018/08/18

All That Happened in Our Forum Regarding the HYIP Area

HYIP com is ready to sum up the results. Good weather and the last summer HYIPs especially pleasing in the second half of hot August. Some statistics from 11 Aug, 2018 to 18 Aug, 2018 started at least 180 HYIPs. We removed two HYIPs from our investment portfolio. They provided a good profit to early investors. We also added three promising projects there.

news - HYIP Industry: Weekly Report From 2018/08/11–2018/08/18

Good HYIPs Now

We added three premium projects in our blog last week. You can see them on the links below.

news - HYIP Industry: Weekly Report From 2018/08/11–2018/08/18

PublicPrime from 07/01

This is fast HYIP who was a sleeper in the past. Now there are deposits available for a period of 12 days with a profit of 8% or 0.67 per day. Do you really need to wait for the first plans to be added?

FASTRMO from 05/10

One more the sleeper in the past. It proposes 4% daily and instant payment. The minimum amount for investment is a little enhanced — a min deposit is $25. What else do you need to make a decision?

OccianTrade from 08/18

Do you remember the legendary Lara with her 3% termless profit? Here you find 3.5% of daily net profit every 45 days. An admin returns a principal at the end of the term.

Already BAD HYIPs

People ask how we define the reliable projects. We just analyze the mistakes of different projects.

Minefund (21 Days)

Project with free SSL… HYIP admin not allowed passing even one investment circle. No person has not repulsed his deposit by 100%, except that taking into account the referral reward. Do not trust projects with

Arbi-Trade (12 Days)

An ambitious project from admin Don Pedro. It’s amazing how the HYIP worked with unfinished design for 12 days. Admin allowed earning a max of 33% of net profit, at least our investor should have done two circles.

TreeCorpus (140 Days)

This HYIP is finally SCAM on Aug 19, 2018. Investors that deposit in the first three months from the start either take profit or not making a loss. The first investor get at least 80% net profit.

As a result, investors who carefully read our last report had a profitable week. Thank you for staying with us! We wish you a profit in any season.

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My way: investing in HYIP (profit) => playing in the casino (profit) => HYIP.COM So, here I am, I am ready to share with you my unique experience.

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