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McDonald’s Launches MacCoin

news - McDonald's Launches MacCoin

McDonald’s, one of the world’s largest fast food chain has announced about the issue of its own coin — MacCoin. However, this is not a new crypto currency, but only a part of promotional campaign in the spirit of modern trends.

The limited edition currency “is not an alternative to bitcoin,” in fact, it’s just a coupon for purchasing burgers. Customers can then redeem the MacCoin for a free Big Mac at participating restaurants beginning Friday, Aug. 3, through the end of 2018.

news - McDonald's Launches MacCoin

The idea of creating “own currency” arose after the Economist had used the Big Mac price for creating the Big Mac Index — an economic tool that compares the purchasing power of different international currencies year after year. “This global connectivity of the Big Mac inspired the creation of the MacCoin,” McDonald’s said 

According to McDonald’s, the limited edition MacCoins will be issued in honor of the legendary Big Mac burger, which has been offering in McDonald’s restaurant chain exactly 50 years ago, in 1968. Although, its fair to say that MacCoins still have a certain value — for a MacCoin it will be possible to buy a Big Mac. 



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McDonald’s has issued MacCoins in five different designs, which symbolize 5 decades of the Big Mac’s existence. More than 6.2 million MacCoins will be distributed globally in more than 50 countries while supplies last. 

Starting from August 2 until the moment when the coins are finished, customers will receive MacCoin for every Big Mac bought. After August 3, all the coins can be exchanged for the anniversary burger.

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