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OccianTrade com (SCAM) is One Small Step for a HYIP Industry, One…

OccianTrade com — Asian Traders Work for Your Better Future From 2018/07/30 [at least 3.5% Daily Return]

OccianTrade has been working since June 30, 2018. According to the site, this company is not a HYIP but trading company. More than thousands of investors from all over the world add stocks of this company to an investment portfolio. OccianTrade was founded in the Russian Federation in 2014 for trading with cryptocurrencies and interaction with successful brokers. Specialists in the field of online trading take part in this. This explains why the support is located in Moscow. Perhaps the creator had to move the main part of his company to Asia because many sites related to cryptocurrency were blocked in Russia.

hyip-scams - OccianTrade com (SCAM) is One Small Step for a HYIP Industry, One…

The first visit to this site raises a question. Why is the Asian company’s support located in the Russian capital? You will receive an answer after a detailed reading of their legend.

How to Register

Go to the OccianTrade com — SIGN UP — write your full name — email — password twice — enter the code — agree with terms — SIGN UP — Confirm registration through email box.


SIGN IN — authorization (email + pass) — choose optional plan — order now — update your profile with payment system’s addresses — enter the amount — confirm.


My earnings — withdraw ROI — enter the amount — continue.

Invest in OccianTrade

This is the first HYIP, which directly denies its true activity.

More about investment plans

ThermROIPer Day
60 Days210%3.5%
45 Days450%10%

In the FAQ section placed information that principal is non-included and are paid at the end of the deposit. So, if investor brings $200, he will be receiving both $7 every day for 60 days and $200 on the sixty days.

Participants can use any global payment method, which they prefer. For example, Bitcoin, Litecoin, PerfectMoney with USD or EUR account, card deposit (coming soon). Deposits on the cryptocurrency processed after 3 confirmations, for the PerfectMoney transaction as soon as admin confirmed the deposit.

Financial Information

Investors can place the deposit on the first plan from $10 to $19,000. Min amount for investment is $20,000 and max is no limited. The second plan seems more attractive, but the minimum deposit amount there is high for a standard investor. So, the first plan is optimal.

Minimal withdrawing amount for the first plan is $10 daily. Max is no limited. For the second plan, min is $1000 daily. Withdrawals are processed within 4 business hours. This money also can be reinvested.

OccianTrade Affiliate Program

In this project are two plans and two variants of referrers’ commission. They receive 5% reward from each referral’s deposits on the standard plan 10% from deposits on the second plan.

Referrer’s become official representatives of the project when they attract at least three deposits of $ 200 each. Their reward enhanced to +3% per each deposit.

The reward is transferred to the internal account. It can be withdrawing or reinvesting. Admin bans for the registration of accounts from one IP-address.

This project belongs to the category of high-interest projects. Payback according to the optimal plan comes about after 1 calendar month. According to statistics on the site, many investors have already received the first profit. We have placed our first deposit for the test of this HYIP, we will inform you about the results on our forum.
  • The site works on the unique script and has a fresh design.
  • SSL COMODO certificate enabled for one year.
  • Domain will be expire after 1 year on 2019/05/07.
  • The project has a telephone support line and social networks coming soon.
  • Good design of the investor's personal cabinet.
  • There are many inactive social network’s buttons.
  • There are discrepancies between the FAQ information and the real conditions.
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My way: investing in HYIP (profit) => playing in the casino (profit) => HYIP.COM So, here I am, I am ready to share with you my unique experience.

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