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PublicPrime biz (SCAM) — Improvement of the Sleeper

[HYIP] PublicPrime biz — Mid-Term Project in a Fast Shell

PublicPrime was started on Jul 01, 2018. From the first days, it proposes 2.1 % daily for 100 days. A project recently changes its marketing and start offering a fast plan. Developers talking about trading on the global markets with Nasdaq Company. The company also invest into perspective startups. It is a good legend because a trading with stocks can bring a big profit in a short period. Public Prime LTD registered as U.K. company with 11445288 number.

hyip-scams - PublicPrime biz (SCAM) — Improvement of the Sleeper

Simple Registration

Sign Up — Create an Account — Fill Registration From Below — Register

Participants often miss the fields of the witches’ saddles in payment systems. These fields can be filled in as necessary.

Investing in PublicPrime

Choose plan on the main page or go to the make deposit menu on your account — Choose plan — Choose payment system — Spend — Accept.

Investors cannot find a sleeper plan on the main page because admin focuses on fresh plans.


Withdraw on the account — withdraw available funds. Investors cannot receive payment in the PerfectMoney if they make a deposit with Payeer.

Financial Details

We recommend invest money only on the optimal plan with 12 days term. Principal not included. There is no reinvestment. PublicPrime accept Bitcoin, Perfect Money, Payeer payment systems. Other systems will be connected in the process of work. You can see the list of planned updates on either the official site or our forum. Min withdraw is $0.1 for sleeper’s plan. Min withdraw amounts for fresh plans are $0.31 for fiat currencies and $5 for Bitcoin.  Investors receive their withdrawals within 24 business hours or 3 calendar days.

Invest in PublicPrime LTD

This project have o long work as sleeper, so first investors start receiving net profit soon. Optimal plan has a 12-day investment period now. You also can find old sleeper’s plan in your account.

More about investment plans

ThermROIPer Day
1 Day25-35%25-35%
3 Days90–120%30-40%
5 Days175-225%35–45%
8 Days320-400%40-50%
12 Days108-780%9–65%
30 Days360-2400%12-800%
7 Days1000%142.86%
10 Days2000%200%
45 Days5000%111.11%

Optimal Plans

From six deposit plans, only one is optimal. It is 12 days deposit. Minimal amount for investment is $10. For 1–4 plans min amount is $5001. Plan number 6 has a very long-term for HYIP. According to the optimal plan, investors will receive 0.67% of net profit daily and will return principal at the end of the term. Investors need a deposit of at least $500 for the last three plans. Sleeper’s deposit plan also enables and includes 3.1% daily return. Principal in last plan is included.

PublicPrime was added on more than 10 investment blogs and monitors after rebranding. They invest $20–$50. We can assume that the first investors will receive a net profit with 100% probability.

Affiliate Program

A referrer’s reward in 4% is relatively low. Terms of payments are standard for fast projects — a 1-level system, an active deposit is not needed. In this part, emphasis is again placed on saving cash funds. Money is paid after receiving investment from the user, so the referral system is advantageous.

PublicPrime current plans are not able to force its closure. The admin works, which is confirmed by the return on investment of early investors. The technical part is impressive. The project looks stable and promises a long work in the future. Scares off only low interests and a long time waiting for withdrawal. Waiting for access to 1-day plans now has no prospects. They may not start at all.
  • Good marketing at the start and after rebranding.
  • The domain name expire on 2023/06/30.
  • DDoS-protection enabled.
  • COMODO SSL certificate.
  • The site works with licensed GoldCoders script.
  • Low interest + need to provide deposits of early investors.
  • Complex interface of the project.
  • The English interface partially limits the potential of a foreign audience.
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