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Boomstarter Network. The Next Leap in Developing of Crowdfunding

The brand new platform for getting money to make your project live based on the blockchain and designed by the biggest crowdfunding service in Eastern Europe.

Financing distribution %
  • Team
  • Partners & Advisors
  • First purchasers
  • Referral program
  • Token Sale

Project Expenses

Product development 45%
Marketing & PR 30%
Team funding 15%
Legal expenses 5%
Other operational expenses 5%

Why is it so useful and perspective

If we take a look at all of the popular projects of the last years, we will soon find out that lots of them were funded by a system called crowdfunding. The main idea of which is extremely simple: people, who are interested in your project, invest in it to make it live.

ico - Boomstarter Network. The Next Leap in Developing of Crowdfunding

Among such projects, you can find those, which have even affected our life a bit

  • Bitvore. A new word in Big data, a technology that helps companies to analyze their users much better. So even if you haven’t heard about this project, you have already felt its influence
  • Oculus Rift. Although today’s virtual reality is almost useless (aside from the games), tomorrows augmented reality is going to make our life easier, like the smartphone did someday
  • Formlabs. 3D printers aren’t very common, but soon they will take place in every house like printers do it now

On the other hand, we see lots of projects that get a giant amount of money but didn’t release anything after even many years. By the way, somebody knows when man will be able to pre-order Star Citizen (which has raised more than $150 millions during the crowdfunding).

And, unfortunately, most of the projects you can find on popular crowdfunding services are such. They probably won’t release nothing innovative, but they still want you to give them money. Even if they get as much as they need, and, what is less real, their product is innovative, the team is going to face thousands of problems with the law – from common problems with transferring money to other countries too, what is the worse, prohibition of crowdfunding in lots of undeveloped countries.
Their lots of ethical problems as well, if you’re investing your money to project on crowdfunding, you get nothing, no part in the project, no control of it and nothing, but t-shirt or keychain.

This problems were actual for long period of time, until the cryptocurrencies population, when all the projects begin to crowdfund in a brand new way.

Is It The Reliable Project For Invest?

Boomstarter works already for a long period of time and bla-bla-bla, no more words – statistics will give us much more:

  • The biggest crowdfunding platform in Western Europe, where technologies develop very fast during the last years;
  • 1797 projects. Has raised enough money and implemented their project and this number is increasing;
  • More than $5,5 million invested in startups;
  • 197,000 of active bakers use this platform.

Why Boomstarter Network Changes The Principles of Crowdfunding

The new platform, based on the Ethereum blockchain, ruins popular nowadays concept Investor-Platform-Author, by adding new types of users and changes relations between the old ones.

Let’s start with miners, blockchain means distributed, that way, instead of powerful servers that do all of calculations and actions, we have thousands of people all over the world; every one of them does only small part of the job, but together they can easily replace powerful computers. This service, like any other use miners to make everything more secure and fair.

What is more, Boomaster has a unique system, where you can also find users called miner pro. If you have special mining hardware or a powerful gaming computer, you can get this status to receive good returns from your equipment and receive additional income.

At the same time, if you have a common computer, you can still mine using this and get good money for doing nothing, but paying electricity bills.

Despite everything else, the most important person on crowdfunding is Author, who think that his idea will make the world better, although the earth will still go round the same way. Such a person can be anyone: startupper, artist, writer, scientist, researcher, charity or public organization. All of you can make humanity better, while this platform can do the same with your project.

As author you can be happy due to lack of problems with law (easy withdrawal anywhere), and much smaller commision of the crowdfunding platform, only you have to pay is 20% miner commission (that’s still much, but a few years ago the platform commision was bigger, so probably someday this number will become even less). But make sure that system is going to control all of your wastes and actions.

Other Advantages of The Project

On the other side, there are bakers. If you want to buy a project’s product or support the idea, which is going to be helpful in your opinion, this also gets much easier for you now. To begin with, crowdfunding is illegal in lots of places. Using this platform gives you an opportunity to invest in what you want and when despite where are you.

What is more, you get an opportunity to control all the project actions. The system uses Ethereum smart contracts, because of which they can control all the author actions during the implementation of the project.

Never lose a chance to learn more

Despite are you a player, businessman or investor, it can be good idea for you to go to the official ICO website, learn more about the project and invest in it, if you really keen on this industry.

Discuss and share your experience – it’s the only way to become better
Have an idea that will change our world, life and society at the same time, why not to discuss it with other smart and life experienced people on our forum.

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In our team’s opinion, this project is unique - while other projects have a very inaccurate idea of what they want to do. This platform already works accurately for decades. On the other hand, the industry which they are going to affect isn’t something deep, what we can’t see in our life, like how the payment system or gambling business, crowdfunding is something lots of us use regularly. This project probably isn’t going to change our entire life, but a small part of it for sure.
  • The project not just have done produce, it has product that is way better than the competitors' ones, and you’ll become able to use it in a short time
  • The platform is works with the help of miners, so it can be a good idea for you to get additional income
  • The project is open source, that means you can add new functionality and make new versions, if you know how to code
  • Crowdfunding itself is very powerful concept, what makes this industry even more perspective
  • Project team doesn’t seem to have good experience in the cryptoworld, although they have implemented lots of good things before
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