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CINDX ICO. New era of crypto trading begins

How to trade bitcoins online, without fees and documents verification with the help of the new crypto platform

The long pause in the developing of trading

For the last few years we saw how trading has evolved from closed industry, where only people with special education and big experience can work, to industry, where any person can earn money, by simply buy and sell resources. Although the industry has transformed a lot, companies that provides such services are mostly useless.

Of course, if you will spend some time, you will find those, which works really good. Or you can find all of them on our blog, without spending time.

ico - CINDX ICO. New era of crypto trading begins

But bigger part of them are still scams, that have giant fees, that control every your move and don’t give you an opportunity to monetize you trading skills at level, which you deserve.

All of these were happening for decades, but now – now we are staying in front of the technology that promise to change a lot in the whole world, including even the investment industry.

CINX Token Allocation %
  • Team
  • Bounty
  • Advisers
  • Reserve
  • Traders Recruitment Program
  • Token Liquidity Support
  • Available for Sale

CINX Token Deals

26.08 – 26.12

Token Pre-Sale Bonuses:

Aug 26 – Sep 16 – 25% Bonus
Sep 17 – Oct 7 – 20% Bonus

Token Main Sale Bonuses:

Oct 8 – Oct 21 – 17% Bonus
Oct 22 – Nov 4 – 15% Bonus
Nov 6 – Nov 18 – 13% Bonus
Nov 19 – Dec 2 – 10% Bonus
Dec 3 – Dec 16 – 5% Bonus
Dec 17 – Dec 26 – 0% Bonus

Token Name: CINX

Token Pre-Sale start: 26.08.2018

Total Emission: 51,500,000

Price Per Token:

$1.00 = 1.00 CINXO = 1.00 CINX

Minimal Investment: $ 50 equivalent
Soft Cap:
$1,243,300 / $3.8m
Hard Cap:
$21 m

If you are investor?

If you were interested in starting your investment career five years ago, you would face lots of problems and hard times as well. To begin with, there were no sources of information: no way to find out where to go and what to do.

But if you want to become investor nowadays you’re very lucky, because the lion’s share of CINDX functions are made especially for you. And these functions are aimed at making you independent, from other people and governments as well. You aren’t a middleman anymore, you won’t become someone’s puppet like you were before.

There hundreds of small features, but we will take a look only at the most impressive and perspective. – sub platform designed for investing

  • You don’t have to do nothing and worry about nothing as well, give trading opportunity to professional traders, so they can work for you.
  • Be sure in safety of your activities, top systems that works in association with CINDX (Binance, Poloniex) will take care of them
  • Works without fees. The only what you have to pay is bitcoin commision (which is pretty small) and trader fee, only in case, if you’ve earned some money

To sum everything, you as investor don’t need to worry, take care and look after nothing. Top traders with giant experience are able to help you.

While you’re looking at what people, interested in investing money can do, you might have a question now: What to do

If you are trader?

For you, as a trader, this service can also offer lots of features – probably, no less than to investor. The sub platform for trading is called (sounds logical), and it can give you an opportunity to do these:

  • Trade without limits. Crypto means full lack of control. Invest how you want and when you want to.
  • Useful professional tools can help you to become even better in your craft
    • App store
    • Marketplace
    • Terminal
    • Exchanger
  • The most important. Investors can see how good you, and if they are satisfied with the quality of your work – they invest in you, what gives you lots of new ways of developing:
    • You attract capital you can work with
    • Get free advertising. Smart blockchain algorithms will advertise you as top trader, if you’re the best in it
    • You earn reputation and get your influence on the whole industry much bigger

For developers

If you’re a developer, no matter an absolute beginner or experienced professional, you know how it is hard to make an app and how to release your app, when it’s done.

Creating your app isn’t a big problem nowadays due to the quantity of sources, where you can learn to code, to design and sources where you can ask a question or ask for help. But you can’t say that your genius app is done, if you haven’t done testing, and one tester isn’t enough for such process – you need to have a lot people, who will use your program and who will find problems in it.

After facing all these stages, you need to release your program to the world, what is also hard enough. Today’s companies that provides developers access to app market, whatever google, envato, apple or microsoft, has very strict rules. Mostly because of how they call it safety problems, standardization and government control.

But if you work as a developer for CINDX platform you have extremely benefits:

  • You now have place with huge audience of traders, brokers and investors, who will use and test your app, if it’s useful
  • You can get free advertising. Top traders, chosen by build in algorithms, get free advertising in the system, similarly top developers will get the same
    • This can be good chance for you to find your first app users

How the service works?

The platform itself is made on CINDX.core, what is more, it’s made in association with Binance and Poloniex, so you can be sure in quality of this.

Also, there lots of helpful tools, for example,, where you can make unique content on your personal blog or answer questions on forum and be rewarded for such activity.

Visit official website

And get 25% of bonus while investing during the PreICO

The CINDX platform has so giant potential and so many functions, that it’s completely unreal to take a look at all of them in such a small article, so if you’re interested in trading and you do want to invest, visit it’s official website, download whitepaper and find out all what is important.

Learn about the basic terms of trading: bid, ask and the bid-ask spread with out series of simple educational articles, which will help you brush up on your fundamentals before jumping in the CINDX platform!
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Although the investing industry hasn’t changed for decades, the revolution of this is near. With the help of new technologies, such as blockchain, cryptocurrency and smart contracts, CINDX platform has implemented a completely new way of interaction between investors, traders, brokers and app developers. So if this platform won’t change the whole industry, it will at least affect it very much.
  • Platform is blockchain build, so all your finances and data will be fully protected
  • Company is located in Estonia, EU
  • During the private round, company has attracted lots of money from more than 1,000 top investors
  • ICO get top marks from specialized services
  • Has exclusive contract with most effective cryptoworld companies
  • In CINDX team, you will find lots of famous people, including Philip Staehelin and Austin Kimm (as advisers)
  • Tokens are distributed in unusual way, including Token Liquidity Support
  • At the moment only third part of Soft Cap is reached. So there’s a small probability that your investment will be returned
Team Evaluation - 9
Product - 10
Token Economics - 8
Business Evaluation - 7
Hype and Media Presence - 8

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