Home » HYIP Favourite bz (SCAM) — a Luxury Cryptotrading Platform on Fully Automated Module [Up to 9% Daily Profit]

HYIP Favourite bz (SCAM) — a Luxury Cryptotrading Platform on Fully Automated Module [Up to 9% Daily Profit]

Favourite: Easy Investment Method — Just Invest And Forget

Favourite has been working since September 21, 2018. According to the site, it is the cryptotrading platform on automated basis. Investors don’t need both to learn something about trading’s laws and registering on different cryptoexchanges. They need only register on Favourite and deposit some money. They even don’t need care about withdrawals — payment will be made directly on their wallets every 8 hours.

hyip-scams - HYIP Favourite bz (SCAM) — a Luxury Cryptotrading Platform on Fully Automated Module [Up to 9% Daily Profit]

Favourite LTD registered in the United Kingdom under 11489907 number. The company didn’t buy any insurance.


We offer the talk about HYIPs with automatically payments. This is the most convenient kind of program, but some investors think that they have outlived themselves. Why does such an opinion exist? It’s so convenient…

Invest in Favourite

The interest rate is determined for each day. Regardless of the date on which the deposit is made, for a week platform will provide of the 33% income.


Principal included in unlimited payments. Investors will receive a net income after 3 weeks after the deposit, right up to the project’s SCAM. It is included in the listing of more than 15 monitorings. The project team continues to buy advertising. As result, there is growing activity in discussions at foreign forums.

Deposit & Withdrawal of Money

The minimum deposit amount is 20 dollars. The maximum amount is not limited, so investors can invest the amount, which is not terrible to lose. They will receive payments every 8 hours directly to their wallets in the following payment systems: PM, Payeer, Dash, Dogecoin, Bitcoin, Litecoin. External payment systems can withdraw fees for replenishing the account. The Favourite doesn’t have internal commissions.

Favourite Marketing Lifetime

DayROI Per DayROI Per 8 Hours

Unique Affiliate Program

The Favourite’s affiliate program includes three partner levels:

  • Standart — + 7% one-time per each referrals’ deposit;
  • Master — + 9% one-time;
  • Legend — + 11% one-time.

In addition, partners of the Master and Legend level get + 10% and + 15% from their referrals’ accruals respectively during the life of the program.

To upgrade the account, you need to invite many people to join. 35 active referrals will give participants the status of Master, 100 — Legend. There are no materials for the promotion on the official website. Upliners can use the competitors’ ads because the project created long ago and attracted a lot of attention. Partners with the largest number of invited people are displayed on the Partners section with their RCB offer.

The design and overall design of this program resemble the projects AltMiner and Bitcoin-Box. These HYIPs provided more than 50% of net income to early investors. The reputation of the admin has a decisive role in investing. On the other hand, someone could buy a similar design and content. Our team thinks that Favourite will pay at least 5 weeks from the start, but we cannot guarantee this.
  • DDoS-protection from CoverDDoS.
  • SSL-certificate from COMODO.
  • United Kingdom registration under 11489907 number.
  • The design is adapted for both tablets and smartphones.
  • Listing on more than 13 monitorings.
  • Automatic payments! The worst thing in investing in HYIPs is to be late with the withdrawal of SCAM for several hours. The option solves this problem.
  • The min deposit is 20 dollars.
  • Favourite’s team buy licensed H-scrypt, but there are suspicions of a serial admin.
  • The domain name is bought only for 3 year. With such offers admin need to buy a domain for at least 5 years.
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My way: investing in HYIP (profit) => playing in the casino (profit) => HYIP.COM So, here I am, I am ready to share with you my unique experience.

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