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HighTechForex com (SCAM) — Walletwarming Sleeper in a New Clothes

HYIP HighTechForex com — A Strong Team of Traders for Passive Income And a Bright Future [from 3% Daily Profit]

HighTechForex began as a sleeper but changed marketing to fast HYIP on September 6, 2018. There are two normal one and five-day offers for investing. There is no special representation of the program neither in the design nor in the information about a company’s activity.

hyip-scams - HighTechForex com (SCAM) — Walletwarming Sleeper in a New Clothes

According to the site, HighTechForex LTD has a team of pro-trades for successful trading in the stock market. Innovative tools, effective strategies, hundreds of thousands of satisfied investors. The creators insist that they have been working for more than 5 years, but they registered the company on September 3 this year.

What is It?

We made an investment and expect to make a profit. And what do you think about this project, about its admin, the policy of promotion? Share withdrawals at the most democratic community:

3 Fast How-To for Start

I emphasize, you do not need to invest the last money. HYIP is a game. Don’t take loans, don’t carry valuables in the pawnshop, don’t take money from the family. Invest only the money that you can lose.


  • Click SIGN UP;
  • Fill out the form;
  • Click SUBMIT;
  • Click LOGIN.


  • Choose PLAN;
  • Select payment method;
  • Enter investment amount.


  • Click WITHDRAW;
  • Choose accrued profit;
  • Click withdraw.

Invest in HighTechForex

The Bitcoin rate is fixed at $7000. Very optimistic, considering that today it trades at around $6200-$6300 and has a downward trend.

HighTechForex Investment Offers

ThermROIPer Day
1 Day103-125%3-25%
5 Days116–240%3.2-5%
10 Days134–540%3.4-54%
20 Days190–1040%4.5-47%
40 Days412–2100%7.8-50%
65 Days690-3400%9.08-50.8%
5 Days1000%180%
25 Days2000%76%
35 Days3000%82.9%

Principal included in payment. According to unofficial sources, HighTechForex is the top project to attract deposits for today. Very rich marketing with more than 30 monitoring.

Financial Part: HighTechForex Profit Conditions

  • Investors can place a deposit through PM, Payeer, ETH, LTC, BTC, Dash, Cash.
  • The minimum deposit is $ 25.
  • The most attractive term for a deposit is one day from 3% profit.
  • Payments are manual within three calendar days.
  • There are no fees or any hidden payments.
  • Here the Bitcoin rate is fixed.
  • Principal included.

A Single-Level Affiliate Program

Registered users receive a promotional link for attracting referrals on the HighTechForex. They do not need to make direct investments for this. The referrer will receive 5% of the amount for each deposit from the payment system. The user will receive from 8% of net income for 4 days or 2% per day under good conditions of the money back. There are five promotion banners for marketing: 120 × 120, 125 × 125, 160 × 160, 468 × 60, 728 × 90.

HighTechForex starts as a sleeper in the middle of May. Admin offered 1% of net profit during the one year. In anticipation of the summer, people hardly invested significant sums in this project. But this HYIP bought advertising on the monitoring from the start. Relatively large investments are being made into the project now. So you should not count on 30-day work. We assume that the project will be able to work out at least 10-15 days from rebranding.
  • COMODO Secure + DDoS-protection + UK registration.
  • Rich marketing with advertising on 30 monitoring and more.
  • High percentage in the partnership program.
  • The site works on a Gold Coders licensed script.
  • According to unofficial sources, the project is at the top of investment.
  • Admin fixed the Bitcoin rate for his program.
  • Facebook and Twitter presence.
  • The minimum investment amount is 25 dollars.
  • Very simple design but very convenient and fast. Anyway, according to the experience of successful projects, clearance doesn’t really matter.
  • The domain is bought only for 1 year.
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My way: investing in HYIP (profit) => playing in the casino (profit) => HYIP.COM So, here I am, I am ready to share with you my unique experience.

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    Amazing is a very good.I like it very much.Amazen marketing with advertising on many monitoring and more.So i like it.


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