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Kheper – make game industry great again

The ultimate way for casino players and owners to make their place safety and cosy

If you’re online casino player or, what is also possible, owner of a casino, both online and physical, or any other sort of gaming business, you know how many problems anyone in this industry facing on regular basis.

ico - Kheper - make game industry great again

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IT Development and operating costs 48%
Marketing costs 10%
Administrative cost 12%
Reserve & Treasury service 12%
Legal and set up costs 12%

Today’s problem of gambling

For common players, it’s usually problem of trustworthy (finding reliable source of information and place to play), withdrawal (it can be hard because sometimes casinos can’t send your money to you due to the law, or casino can simply be deceiver). By the way, due to the statistic it’s extremely easy for swindler to make a scam project and it’s extremely hard for a common player to find, who you can trust.  

For casino owners there are others, probably even worse problems. One of such is legal status of your game, you already know that you need to get a licence to work. Gambling is forbidden in most of the countries or can work only in special areas (like in USA or Russia). But there is a way out: you can still register an online slot in some offshore country, or if you don’t want to work legal not only on the paper, take a look at countries like Argentina, Georgia or Armenia, but if you’re interested in politics well enough, you might know that these countries aren’t very friendly with others (Georgia has problems with Russia, while Argentina quarrels with America).

Due to this it can be extremely hard or even unreal for you to withdrawal honestly earned money to casino player, or send no less honestly earned money to your bank.

How blockchain can affect the game

If you watch TV or use internet you know that crypto technologies (at least you have heard about blockchain and smart contracts) going to change everything we use and, with a high probability, the whole society.

Nowadays they already have changed lots of industries – and the gaming one is going to be the next.

So what are these changes

  • Safety. Right now there was no successful attempt of bitcoin blockchain hacking and there’s no technical power that can do that, so data kept in there are so safe as if they were in a bank cell
  • Reliability. As a consequence of the first, casinos based on Kheper blockchain is absolutely trustworthy, so you can be sure in quality of your game
  • Withdrawal. Kheper uses token of ETH-20 type, what means that it can be transferred to any Ethereum wallet almost instantly and without fees. After you can easily change your coins in any fiat money in any part of the globe
  • Full lack of swindlers. Although this service is very worried about the truth, it’s even more worried about its reputation, so you won’t find any scam based on their platform

How to make your own casino

One of the biggest features of this system is, of course, that you can make your own gaming business, both, online and offline. After getting special license to open gambling, get another licence from Kheper. Although you might though that it’s very hard, make everything by yourself is way to harder.

With the help of this service you lose need for your team, that includes servants, technical specialists, developers and system administrators. Sounds strange, but casino, build on this platform, can work itself, without help from the outside.

Download special software to your game slot or use an API in online version, how it’s said before, it’s much easier than making your own soft.

What is more, Kheper platform can make your casino not just trustworthy and well working, it can make it beautiful (meaning the online version): user-friendly interface and excellent design. To do it before, you needed to have team of developers, with good experience and good payment as well.

At the same time this blockchain build platform offers you to make your casino via special constructor.

Nice look and great software, made by PROs, what else do you need? Whatever you have thought about, this project probably can offer this.

Do you live in offline world?

If you own of real world casino, then you have other problems. Instead of web developers, who can make site, you need to hire programmers, who can make your slot machine works.

Using Kheper software has several reasons. First of all, it’s already done and you have to pay nothing, but small commission for using it. What is more, how web site constructor is made by professionals, soft for your slots similarly still made by professionals.

To sum up everything, this is why you can be sure in making gambling business on this platform:

  • All software, both online and offline, is already done. No need in finding people, who know how to do that. By the way, there aren’t many people, who know how to program a casino
  • No need in legal status. Crypto World is almost absolutely liberal, so you don’t have to get an expensive and, at the same time, useless piece of paper, that is called casino licence
  • Economics. Ethereum, on which the platform is build, works the same all over the globe. What means simple withdrawal for your customers and for you as well
  • It’s just simple. Considering everything, it’s still way too easier to make a slot machine on this platform, than to make it by yourself

Never lose a chance to learn more - never means now

Despite are you a player, businessman or investor, it can be good idea for you to go to the official ICO website, learn more about the project and invest in it, if you really keen on this industry.

Discuss and share your experience – it’s the only way to become better
On the other hand, if you’d like to learn more about investing, trading and everything about crypto, visiting our forum might be a good chance to do all of these in one place.

THE KHEPER PLATFORM IS READY!!! Operators who want to tap into the cryptocurrencies’ industry can easily do it! Several companies have contacted us for stating a collaboration, so what are you waiting for? Visit us at the booth BR208!

#Malta 🇲🇹 Prime Minister @JosephMuscat_JM illustrated MT's world-first #blockchain legislation, and next steps on #AI during #Hongqiao International Economic and Trade Forum, attended by @BillGates and @AlibabaTalk Jack Ma in #China 🇨🇳

The Virtual Financial Assets legal and regulatory framework came into force today. This comprehensive legal framework provides legal certainty in an environment that was previously unregulated and seeks to ensure investor protection, market integrity & financial stability.

Great communities, great speech here at Malta blockchain summit! You can feel in the air the smell of financial freedom and revolution. Great times are coming! #blockchain #revolution #kheper #Malta #BlockchainIsland

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This project can be great opportunity for completely different people to do completely different things. For those, who want to start their business, it can be an opportunity to start it, make it independent from no one and to make it works without no one’s help. For those, who want to play, it can be an opportunity to play, but play like never before, play safely and favorably. For those, who want to invest, it might be a good opportunity to buy tokens, which price is going to rise really fast.
  • Gambling industry develops very fast, but this project can become a real leap in its development
  • The company is located in Malta (EU), where gaming industry is extremely popular
  • The project’s idea itself is out-of-the-box, there wasn’t such platform never before
  • You won’t find someone very famous in the team, but you may find people with more than 10 years of experience in gambling industry there
  • The ICO has already attracted more than 4,000 Ethereums
  • The product isn’t ready, but you will be able to use it in a short time
  • There is no bonus, during the presale
Team evaluation - 8
Product - 7
Token economics - 4
Business evaluation - 9
Hype and media presence - 6

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