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Libertex – the most powerful instrument of any investor

Make money online, from anywhere in the world by investing in currencies and resources

Short excursion to history

Forex Club international ltd – one of the world biggest investing companies, club organizes lots of conferences, master classes and courses all over the globe. In the year 2015 in association with Indication Investments (no less influential company in this industry) they have implemented new platform that already has changed a lot, it’s called Libertex.

forex - Libertex - the most powerful instrument of any investor

The Forex Club itself appeared in 1997 and start working in such countries as:

  • Belarus
  • Cyprus
  • Russia
  • Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

Why Libertex is the best investing tool

For three years of existence Libertex received the trust of more than 2.2M investors from 27 countries, probably because, it makes you able to trade currencies, precious metals, shares, market indexes and energy assets, simply using app on your mobile phone or computer. So you don’t need to have access to the market or special education, download special app and become investor today.

Another reason why you can be sure in Libertex reliability is official registration in the republic of Cyprus as Cyprus Investment Company (registration number 164/12).

What is more Club has offices almost in every big city in countries, where it works. But the main is located in the heart of Russia, Moscow. The company is regulated by Cyprus Security and Exchange Commission (CySEC).

Nowadays Cyprus isn’t the same as it was many years ago, today government controls business hard enough to not be swindlers. One of the few countries that does not control its companies and citizens at all is Saint Kitts and Nevis. And what you think about famous mediterranean island is probably more rightly to be thought about this caribbean island.

Also notice that Forex Club is member of Financial commission, which is independent service that guarantees impartial conflict resolution between brokers and traders.

All of these makes Forex Club and Libertex the most reliable company and service in the investment industry today

How to start using it

It’s extremely easy to begin your investment career here, you just have to complete the registration form, send needed document copies and confirm your address. The recommended seed money is about 100$, you can replenish your account using any payment system (credit card, paypal or even webmoney and skrill) without comision.

Using Libertex system is extremely simple as well – all you need to do here is buy and sell resources, you can also sort all of them as “Popular”, “Fast growing” and “Falling in price”.

Make money with your morning coffee

Follow the exchange rates and close deals while having a coffee or sitting in a traffic jam.

Our team’s opinion is that if you ever have been interested in investing, this platform is the best place to begin your career. Forex club will teach you how to do everything correctly and then you will become able to trade on Libertex, the most reliable investment service in the whole galaxy. So don’t miss your chance.
  • Company is officially registered in the EU country and has legal status
  • Part of “Finacom” - service that guarantees problem solving between traders and brokers
  • Works for more than 20 years
  • Going to teach you, before the beginning of your career
  • Have offices and embasses (can be called so due to the size and influence of the company) all over the globe
  • Investing is very dangerous industry, so “Never invest the sum you’re scared to loose” © Golden Rule of the Investor
Broker authority - 9
License and legal status - 8
Regulation of possible problems - 10
Duration and spread of work - 10

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