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Minehive – Cloud Mining on Antminer Asics

Start mining bitcoin online with the help of top hardware and top professionals of the industry

Due to the high popularity of cryptocurrencies and big human interest to mine them, mining is very competitive work time. You don’t have to work hard, but you have to always be on the alert: follow trends, choose right hardware and software.

cloud-mining - Minehive - Cloud Mining on Antminer Asics

On the other hand, if you got some money you want to invest, you can ask for professional help in specialised services. One of such is Minehive, which develops very quick, but you still can find your place in the hive. 

What this pool can offer you

Although owns you personal place in the hive is very perspective and beneficial, you might want a bit more, probably something like:

  • There’s no secret payments – you only pay for rent and electricity
  • Contract duration is two years. You pay once and don’t think about nothing
  • Lack of minimum withdrawal and replenishment su
  • No fees, except standard miner fee
  • Open and useful statistics

Company has giant mining farm with big amount of Antminer S9 asics. You, aa an investor, can rent some power of this farm, today’s price is 150$ for TH/s and there 1500 pf them available for rent. But minehive always buy new hardware and take care of the old ones.

How do they work

Miners are configured to work on BTC Pool and ANT Pool. In the end of the day system distributes bitcoins between all users depending on size of their investment.

Company is registered and located in Vilnius, Lithuania. Sp if you want to visit their facility, left your application on the website and they will contact you very soon to organize an excursion.

Mine Hive dashboard

cloud-mining - Minehive - Cloud Mining on Antminer Asics

To calculate your profit you can use calculator on the main page of the website. It depends on price of the bitcoin, which has just start grow actively after long time of price drop. And will probably grow further due to these reasons:

  • Bitcoin ETF. Appearance of new bitcoin stock exchange
  • BITMAIN IPO. One of the biggest companies in the crypto industry is going to organize tokens presale and get more than 18,000,000,000$ invested

How to rent power

It is very easy. First of all, you need to register an account, then put some money on your wallet via Bitcoin or Ethereum and it’s done. There aren’t any options to choose from, specialists will make everything themselves.

After doing everything correctly, you will get your daily payout on your cryptocurrency wallet – anonymously and without fees.

Mine Hive Promo code

No minimum withdrawal amounts

To make your profit even bigger you can use this promo code:


Our team think that investing in cloud mining is one of the most profitable and beneficial nowadays, because of the fast cryptocurrencies growth and legal status of companies, that provides such services.
  • Site has big functionality as well as friendly design
  • Site equipped with TLS ver. 1.3 certificate. Which is way better than the old SSL
  • Company is officially registered in the EU and owns mining farms in Lithuania
  • Service doesn't support any payment system, except Bitcoin and Ethereum
  • Your profit fully depends on the Bitcoin price, that is hard to anticipate
Website and security - 6
Legal status - 7
Software and hardware - 8
Trustworthy - 5

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