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Agentmile. The First Real Estate Platform

A new engine designed to make everyone’s life in estate business way too easier

Buying your own or leasing? Decentralized Platform Powered by AI

Very old question for which every person has its own answer. Elderly are used to buying flats and homes while new generation are interested in traveling across the world, living in different places and trying something new, so they choose rent.

ico - Agentmile. The First Real Estate Platform

Nowadays commercial real estate is giant industry, which generators trillions of dollars and which is one of the biggest tax sources across the globe. It’s also very competitive industry, that way if estate broker want to get good money, he have to improve the service. What is really a big problem for him due to the lack of modern instruments. They use sheets to make reports and calculator to calculate something. Imagine that trillions of dollars are managed using such inefficient and error-phones tools.

At the same time Agentmile offers them brand new instruments to do all that work, so brokers were able to pay more attention to their clients.

What does the platform offers. Blitz!

  • Find everything available property easy, within a few seconds with a few clicks
  • Tools that makes you routine and boring work fully automatic, cash and flow management are included
  • Connect landlords and estate brokers in one platform, what makes it easier for them to find each other

Industry is going to grow really fast?

And what is your opinion:

buying your own or leasing?

Write it on the forum as well as your thoughts about the Agentmile

AgentMile ESTATE Token

Token Price:1 Token = US $0.20
Min Token Purchase:$0.20
Soft/Hard Cap:US $1m (existing business) /$20m
Token Sale:October 15th to November 19th
Token Sale Amount:100,000,000 ESTATE Tokens
Token Sale Bonus:30% to 3%

The AgentMile ‘ESTATE’ token is an EIP-20 standard-based Ethereum token.

What are these instruments?


ico - Agentmile. The First Real Estate Platform

Agentmile is decentralized blockchain build powered by AI platform. Sounds horribly, but in fact everything is pretty simple. It offers brokers and landlords to put their ads on MLS, so it’ll be easier for both to cooperate. It also provides you with detailed reports and useful management tools.

 With Agentmile brokers and tenants have digital identities, so you’re able to find out everything you need to know about someone: his personal data, what he owns, how long he works in estate industry and lots of other.

What is more, properties also have digital identities, that includes information about their owners, previous tenants, repair histories, environmental reports, land surveys and more. All this will help you to make right decisions.

Smart contract rules

If you look a video or read an article about Ethereum, you will find smart contracts explanation there. And in most of cases they explain it on selling apartment. For now estate is where smart contracts of different blockchain is used frequently.

But making such on Ethereum platform can be found very hard if you aren’t specialized. So Agentmile decided to make their own.

Using these contracts you can implement lots of interesting things, i.e. auto contract extension, updating information about your property and whatever you can imagine.

Home job!

Type “cryptocurrencies” in your local new service and notice how many of articles about the bitcoin raise or drop, and how many of them are ‘SB sold his flat via Ethereum

What to do if you’re a landlord

  1. You owns a flat, but don’t know how to rent it out
  2. You go on a platform and register an account
  3. Using built in site constructor you create a landing about your apartment for free
  4. You create a AR/VR walkthrough of your apartment
  5. You put your advertising on MLS also for free
  6. You make a special smart contract, so there is no need to worry about legal status
  7. You get your money as well as all statistic about your ad and house
  8. You make your rating bigger – brokers trust you more

Another problem solving tool

It almost sure that you have tried making your own website at least once in your life. You might use help of web designer, what costs pretty much, or tried to create on site constructor. Using which is in most of cases is free, but they do put giant amount of ads, what makes it unreal to use your site.

Hopefully, Agentmile offers you to create a free landing page, that is going to advertise your apartment. This technology is called AgentGrow and it’s already used by such estate giants as Century 21 and LandServe.

More than 40 content modules that can be fully customized and creating WordPress website simply by drag-and-drop. You can pay nothing for using this, but then you will get subdomain and only 500 guaranteed visitors of your website, while you can use other plans and get up to 10,000 guaranteed visitors as well as XML support, premium plugins and translations into different languages. You can also buy some addons such as SEO optimization or Custom design.

Company experience

How you can see AgentMile has lots of influential partners: Girasol Home and Coldwell banker, but it also has a few interesting projects, besides from AgentMile:

  • 🚙 AgentDrive. Real Estate CRM platform that can level up your business by make work of your estate agency automatic. Simply control of the business, task solving and help in making right decisions. No need to worry about papers, reports and everything else
  • 💻 AgentGrow. Easy constructor to creating website about anything dedicated to real estate

Projects with high rates from ICO rating services that has an interesting way to solve a very old problem. Renting is now going to become easy and almost automatic process with the help of efficient tools, offered by Agentmile. Company with great specialists and giant experience in what it is doing. At least, it’s very interesting opportunity to invest in something really helpful and progressive.
  • Company has decades of experience in their industry; giant amount of powerful partners and a few really helpful products
  • You’re now able to rent your apartment out much easier you used to: advertisement, personal website, VR toor of your house and other tools will help you
  • As for estate broker this platform helps you to save lots of time, at first looking for the apartment, at second paperwork, statistic and its analize is done by AI
  • They have very beautiful paintings and explaining short videos, however, in fact the platform works only in 20 countries and is used by as little as 1000 people, their company is only now going to raise quickly and spread its influence all over the globe

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