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Asobi coin – marketplace of the future

Your ticket to the world, where you can resell used digital content, put your own price on them and simply do whatever you want

Lots of years ago, when marketplaces only begin to appear, it was a boom. Giant population give companies, such as Valve, Sony or Apple great earnings. At the same time, you were getting no fewer benefits, on these markets you were able to buy anything you can imagine: book, films, music or games. No need to go anywhere, that was a revolutionary concept.

ico - Asobi coin - marketplace of the future

ico - Asobi coin - marketplace of the future


Even now, after so much time, this online “shops” develops, to make yourself sure in it just take a look at one on your mobile phone (great recommendations, lots of useful things) and try to remember how they worked a few years ago. Now you feel that. Companies add new features almost routinely, so you can’t see those changes, however, they are.

Companies really works hard to make their markets better, but it’s not enough for people today. All of us not just want, we need more tools, more items and more opportunities. This small, but extremely important revolution in buying and even selling digital content is what Asobi team is going to do soon. So make yourself prepared, this product is going to keep you on the edge of your sit.

👀 How much artists earn nowadays

You have probably heard thousands of stories about their salaries. Most of the money they get from concerts and performances, while the money earned from digital stores aren’t very good. Usually artists, if we talk about singers, get less than 10% from the track price.

To be fair, 10% is what they used to get when different songs and albums were sold separately. Now due to the subscription services they get much less. While you pay for songs you don’t even listen to, companies pay nothing to those, who created your favorites.

To sum everything, subscription services make things go such way that you pay for nothing useful, artists get the same amount of money, despite their product is masterpiece or just a piece.

Unfortunately this service isn’t aimed at creators, who work hard to make our society better and to make the planet go round. The platform makes experience of common user the most valuable that can be.

So let’s take a look at what they have already implemented

Peer-to-peer technology

It’s not a fully distributed peer2peer network like torrent or bitcoin, the Asobi company still do some control work and add their personal goods, however, you can easily add any digital content you want to sell. Unlike Ebay, this platform has perfect functionality for you as for seller, this include your product’s information page (texts, videos, audios) and solving common problems as well, you can simply withdraw you money, despite your region, country or currency, all deals are done using build in tokens.

How the market works

On the main page of the market you can see all the popular products divided into categories by their type (music, e-book, movie and even e-tickets), here you can find something you want to buy, after what just press it and see the description. In its turn, on product information page you can view videos, photos, landings and whatever that is aimed to make yourself confident in that you need this stuff and your life can’t be real without this.

Press the “purchase” button and you have just bought that. What if you don’t like or don’t need it? Before, everything you were able to do is nothing, but be sorry for what you have done.

💰After purchasing

Using this platform, makes it real to sell reused product, and not just in guaranteed returning time, but any time you want to. The whole system seems to be a marketplace much more than like a digital store. So you can put your own price on a song, you don’t like anymore, or a book, you have already red. But it’s a double-edged sword, the lower price you have set, the faster your product will be sold. So be careful and always think twice.

At the same time, you can buy something in both places, from the official seller and from someone, who have used it. Digital reused product has no difference from the brand new one, so you can find it as a good chance to buy something cheaper, however, buying from official sellers has benefits (some bonuses, additional materials or promo codes). Something small, but very nicely.

Is project team the dream one?

It’s very common for nowadays ICO teams not to have experience in what they are doing. Although it’s common, this team is black duck (in good meaning of course), they are real top specialists of their industry. To begin with, they have almost 400 developers hired from three different countries (Japan, China and Taiwan), all these territories are highly technological, so you can be sure in quality of what they do. Even if you aren’t sure, Google and Apple can make yourself such.

Top Developer Award and App Store Game Grand Prix Division Award aren’t something that is easy to get.

Finally, if you don’t believe even big corporation notice that their soft is used by more than 50000000 users, what you can compare with quantity of people living in South Korea.

Have something you’d like to sell?

Want to buy or sell digital content in a completely new way, just go and do it. Modern technologies makes it’s really easy.

There’s no need to be shy

There’s no need to be shy, so tell other people your opinion about this project or describe what are the worstest things you have bought in your life. Hopefully, this platform helps not to get in such situation.

For the last decades world is changing very fast, however, the market main idea hasn’t changed since it appearance (sometime around Mesopotamian civilization). And this project has great makings to change the basis of such an old process as trading. And the probability of that it will affect it is quite big: professional team, giant experience in this industry, fascinating concept - lots of factors can easily make you sure in this.
  • Although the project has already implemented platform, due to the quantity of content there, you still can’t use it as the only online store. But as an addition one, it’ll probably be nice
  • It just a cool out-of-box idea. Selling reused digital content you don’t like or don’t need anymore
  • It works globally. No need to get virtual bank cards to buy abroad something you can’t find in your country
  • Like Viuly was a real youtube competitor when they established themselves, but then started to add new content very slow, this platform has the same sort of problem. So don’t expect lots of music or films at the beginning
  • It’s aimed at buyers much more than at artists - one more reason that you won’t find a lot of content, but you will find something interesting and exclusive
Team evaluation - 8
Product - 9
Token economics - 8
Business evaluating - 9
Hype and media presence - 7

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