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Waazme has been working since May 18, 2018. He began work as a sleeper and quietly changed the marketing on October 9, 2018. According to the site, its team created cool instruments for operational monitoring of cryptocurrency dynamics. The project strategy allows it to make a profit in 99.9% of cases trading on the Crypto market. The company has set a goal — to increase revenue by five times, and therefore created such a platform. So, investments in cryptocurrency transactions are the main source of income for the company. Admin has registered a company under the British number 11435164.


Today, the HYIPs are gradually leaving the summer regime. Fast projects are approaching their average term with a Payer status of 30 days. Will Waazme break this mark?

hyip-scams - (Scam!) — Program's Team Found New Crypto-Tools For Success

Invest in Waazme

It’s hard to know when this project changed marketing. But we did it for our viewers. By the way, the system supports instant payments. Investors can get money on their wallet a few minutes after the accrual.

Financial Information

Investors can make deposit form any of the following systems: PerfectMoney, Bitcoin, Payeer. Most investments come from PM and Payeer due to low commissions. Deposits in Bitcoins aren’t the best choice because of its conversion into dollars for investment and back for withdrawal.

All plans are working and available for almost any investor. The minimum deposit is a bit overpriced — $20 for regular plans and from $250 for a 50-day offer. We do not recommend using the latest plan for investing. 50 days is too long even for legendary fasts. 1-6-12 day offers are real and the minimum deposit isn’t too high in Waazme, as in similar projects. Max amount to invest is $50,000.

Min withdrawal amount is not limited. The system processes payments instantly within 2-5 minutes. So, the investor can get a net profit after 24 hours after the deposit.

Waazme Investment Offers

ThermROIPer Day
1 Day104-160%104-160%
6 Days130-520%21.67-86.67%
12 Days180-1200%15-100%
50 Days5000%100%

Investor receive principal with accruals after deposit term. The project has been added to more than 29 monitorings. From time to time, the project has problems with payments, but later then it resumes payments to investors. Early investors continue to profit from partisan plans.

The advertising campaign is carried out through banners and monitoring. Most services offered a big first deposit bonus. This indicates high advertising costs.

Waazme Affiliate Program

Typically, 10% of the referral deposit is offered at the fasts as an upline reward. Here, investors receive only 6% commission, but this is more than in the minimum profit plan. Banners are in account. The system accepts traffic from any country.

It is difficult to assess the future development of the Waazme. This year there were projects that changed marketing more than 2 times. Previously, the site suspended payments and worrying investors. But after a slight delay, payments continued. HYIP made to earn early investors and has already made 9 investment circles as a fast. We will report on the payments from this project. Perhaps soon the project will change the design again and new plans will appear.
  • GoldCoders licensed script is the basis of this financial service.
  • DDoS-protection from Dancom LTD.
  • EV SSL certificate valid to September 6, 2019 from COMODO.
  • Waazme LTD registered in the United Kingdom under 11435164 number.
  • Optimal advertising costs for fast HYIP.
  • Convenient interface platform for earnings.
  • In the past, HYIP delay payments to investors.
  • Domain name from Enom is bought only for one year and will expire on 2019/05/15.
  • The design was used earlier in other HYIPs from different admins.
  • The site disappears from time to time.
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My way: investing in HYIP (profit) => playing in the casino (profit) => HYIP.COM So, here I am, I am ready to share with you my unique experience.

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