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[ICO] Crest Token — great way for those who want to earn passively 18 Jun 2018 – 18 Jul 2018

CrestToken — a Good Platform For Passive Earning And Earning on Advertising

Crest Token offers cryptocurrency as a means of payment, which will provide the greatest protection. Many services already receive income from online advertising and online marketing, but they are not doing it efficiently enough. This system uses self-learning algorithms and servers that most accurately determine the relevance of advertising based on the needs of users.

Crest TOKEN Token Sale %
  • Main ICO
  • Staking Reserve
  • Pre-Sale ICO
  • Bounty Reserve

Use of Proceeds

Stability Reserve 25%
Marketing & Promotion 20%
Initial DigiAd Campaign 20%
Development Team 15%
Platform Development 15%
Bounty/Token Buyback 5%

Plans For The Near Future

The company has a lot of plans for both the near and far future. The main goal of the developers is to create a reliable platform, which has very favorable conditions and an active community. Of the additional goals can be identified:

ico - [ICO] Crest Token — great way for those who want to earn passively 18 Jun 2018 - 18 Jul 2018
  • Maximum promotion of advertisements. The estimated costs for this action are more than $ 100 million in the first year;
  • Expansion of platform exchange capabilities. This will allow cstt to interact with other cryptocurrencies at coin market cap;
  • Work on an external advertising network.

Crest Token Information

Issuance of the token will be carried out through a smart contract. Cryptocurrencies to be accepted as means of payment are Bitcoin, Monero, and  Ethereum.

The token rate is $0.25 per 1 CSTT. The minimum purchase amount is 100 CST. The maximum purchase amount is 10000 CSTT.  The hard cap is 7.25 million dollars and the soft cap is 2 million dollars.

Cryptocurrency sales will be held in 16 stages, for each of them 400,000 tokens will be sold. The initial sale price is $ 0.35. It rises by $ 0.1 at each subsequent sale stage. Final price is 1.85 dollars. The number of tokens that the user can buy is 20-1500 CSTT.

What to do to Participate

First user needs to register a new account. Then the instruction will appear on the toolbar to be followed. At the end, the participant will need to make a deposit to the address specified in the instructions. It is produced in Ethereum or Bitcoin. After the done actions, tokens should be added to the wallet. It’s all.

Earnings Yields

There are several ways to get a share:

  1. Attracting referrals. The user is charged 10% of attracted participants.
  2. Transactions inside the platform. With the help of buying and selling a token, it will be possible to make good money, given the good predictions: after a full opening of the platform, CSTT will probably cost x100 ICO.
  3. With it, participant can consistently earn tokens monthly. At any time, the user can cancel their participation and spend the funds at their discretion.
  4. Digi Ad. In this program, the participant allocates part of their tokens to finance advertising in dollar equivalent. Depending on the amount, the user can earn 1.15-2.25% per day.

Crest Token Bounty

There are several conditions for obtaining free tokens:

  • In the pre period, user must be in the first thousand or be one of the 500 first users who will buy tokens at each stage of the sale;
  • You can also create thematic reviews on YouTube, content on other sites, etc. All this must describe the service, the terms of payment are individual. For the transfer of Whitepaper user also get reward;
  • Weekly contests.

Never lose a chance to learn more - never means now

Despite are you a player, businessman or investor, it can be good idea for you to go to the official ICO website, learn more about the project and invest in it, if you really keen on this industry.

Discuss and share your experience – it’s the only way to become better
On the other hand, if you’d like to learn more about investing, trading and everything about crypto, visiting our forum might be a good chance to do all of these in one place.

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The project, despite the presence of competition, has good prospects for development. Low volatility in it is supported due to the use of a non-standard business model, which does not have a special dependence on other currencies. It is worth noting a good reward for certain actions that improve the reputation of the project. And the final feature is the ability to buyback.
  • Possibility of communication with technical support via social networks or email.
  • Availability of a certain price for the period of sales.
  • No need to hold on to other cryptocurrencies.
  • Modified platform.
  • Cryptocurrency volatility is more independent, thanks to a special business model.
  • Presence of worthy competitors.
  • The possibility of hacking and fraud is not excluded, but minimized.
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