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KayoCredits — Good Way to Earn Money For Those Who Play Computer Games

[ICO] Kayocredits — The Best Opportunity For Gamers' Promising Investment

Kayocredits ICO allows players to spend their time making money. It monetizes their activity. How does it work? Participants set up their game profiles to use the platform for asset trading. Kayo credits platform is available for both online and offline games and provides fast transfers.

  • Platform Development
  • Marketing and Advertising
  • Operating Expenses
  • Legal Expenses
  • Other Expenses
  • Bounty Program

Obstacles to the gaming community

  1. ICO transaction time is not fast enough.
  2. Possible cheating in the game.
  3. There are no platforms which allow gamers to earn money in conformity with their skills.
  4. Non-availability to provide fair trades.
  5. There are no third party platforms which ensure off game trades.

KayoCredits Aims and Purposes

  1. This ICO has software development kit that works with many games.
  2. Skills are the one of the main condition for earning money.
  3. Good protection against fraud.
  4. Only single currency for different services.
  5. This platform is a good place to sale and market products.
  6. Opportunity to bet on events such as game matches and player ratings  or other similar parameters.
  7. Providing peer-to-peer operations and assets transactions.

How to solve these obstacles?

Team members in the Kayo Credits will create a platform that allows to safe their transactions and trades and participate in the game. It will target players, fans and also developers.

ico - KayoCredits — Good Way to Earn Money For Those Who Play Computer Games

The team will also work upon developing and improving tools that make communication between members and communities better. Aim of developers is to create a safety and reliable platform. This measure will solve in-game challenges using only a ranking system.

Credits are the main part that will be used by the platform. They will be the only currency to perform various transactions, including gaming and betting areas.

What will it do for communities, players, and developers?

  • Opportunity to challenge between gamers who participate in the program using Kayo Credits.
  • Users can earn money by testing their favourite games. Also by marketing and consulting and just playing.
  • The presence of competition between players and accordingly earnings on it.
  • Ability to create a team that helps to trade.
  • Users will get opportunity to create profiles using other platforms such as Steam, Ubisoft etc.
  • Secure trading, buying and selling within the platform.
  • System will allow users to earn money from challenges fast and fair.
  • It won’t be hard to request a challenge if gamer has higher level.
  • Creating content that will be used by players on the platform. It can be subscription or time-limited content.
  • No need middleman: developers will be able to use payment system that is decentralized.
  • Transaction fee is very cheap, no commission.
  • One of the parties will not be able to assign the money fraudulently, since they are blocked by the platform during the transaction.
  • Creating content shops and using smart wallets for transactions.
  • No need to pay for cancellations.
  • Participation in the referral program for earning credits.
  • Attracting new users to the system.
  • Hint system will help for supporting favourite gamers and games.
  1. Hard cap is about 30 million dollars.
  2. Kayo Credits is utility token.
  3. Pre-sale period — UTC May 30th, 2018, 5:00 PM.
  4. End-sale period — UTC June 30th, 2018, 5:00 PM.
  5. Supported cryptocurrenciesETH, LTC, GBP, BTC, Dash, BCH
  6. Supported fiat currency — EUR.
  7. It is impossible to conduct transactions, the amount of which is less than 1 ETH or about 500 US dollars.

KayoCredits Forecast

Considering the mobile gaming industry, we can say that by 2020 it will take up more than half of the entire gaming market.  It is expected that in 2018 this industry will generate 137 billion US dollars.

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Kayo Credits platform allows users to earn money different ways especially using their skills. It will also help various communities and developers in the implementation of their products. There are good prospects for this idea, since the game industry is developing at a very fast pace.
  • The possibility of improving the product if you have enough programming skills. Kayo Credits is open source.
  • The project is easy to use than another. This detail makes it one of the best among its competitors. The presence of crowdfunding is a useful addition to the project.
  • Miners contribute to platform performance. Users can also become a miner and earn extra money.
  • Insufficient developer experience in cryptocurrency, although they have previously developed a lot of interesting things.
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