Home » [ICO] MonsterBit — Unique Platform That Using The Game as a Base For Cryptocurrency 01.08. 2018 – 30.09.2018

[ICO] MonsterBit — Unique Platform That Using The Game as a Base For Cryptocurrency 01.08. 2018 – 30.09.2018

MonsterBit is a Great Opportunity to Earn a Cryptocurrency by Playing

The MonsterBit is a modified project. Taking as a basis an existing project and its refinement is not something new today. Often clone projects are superior to previous ones and there is an explanation for this. There is a ready-made concept, which is taken as a basis. Reduced project development time. The risk of an unsuccessful launch of the project is also reduced. MonsterBit takes as a basis for its own development Cryptokittes project.


Stays with the team 1.2%
Will be sold in three phases of ICO: Idea, Prototype and Development 6%
Bounty 0.25%

  • De velopment of the game release
  • Marketing
  • Legal costs and security
  • Reserve fun
  • Team

Several Reasons Why Blockchain is Profitable For Players

Along with the development of the gaming industry, the blockchain is also developing, which has already smoothly entered some games and continues to do so further. There are several reasons for this:

ico - [ICO] MonsterBit — Unique Platform That Using The Game as a Base For Cryptocurrency 01.08. 2018 – 30.09.2018
  1. Great opportunities for players. Game developers, as a rule, have the full right to make various changes to the game, especially related to pricing and the influence of players on this process. The blockchain will theoretically protect players from sudden corrections since the data enclosed in the blockchain cannot be changed due to decentralization.
  2. The idea of the blockchain is also attractive because, due to the lack of centralized control, it allows you to maintain data confidentiality even from the game developer. Given this, it can be said that data control is also practically impossible on the side of other third parties. It is only interesting what future will such an idea provide for society?
  3. Good support for indie game developers. What does this give? First of all, the ability to create a large platform that will be similar to Steam. The specifics of the blockchain will reduce the cost of games due to lower costs for commissions and other fees. Accordingly, it gives indie developers an easy opportunity to integrate into the world of the gaming industry. But at the same time, the newly created anarchic system may have its drawbacks compared to the already created Steam.
  4. Combining game component and real currency. This integration makes it easy to monetize the game process since the currency used in it can be displayed in real money and vice versa. However, there are 3 problems – volatility and inflation along with fraud.

Token MB Details

Token Price:1 Token = 0.0005 ETH
Hard Cap:US $3.7m
Token Sale:1st Jul 2018 to 30th Sep 2018
Token Sale Amount:7,500,000 MB Tokens

Never lose a chance to learn more - never means now

Despite are you a player, businessman or investor, it can be good idea for you to go to the official ICO website, learn more about the project and invest in it, if you really keen on this industry.

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Monster 5310 @rariblecom

#eth #ethereum #NFTs #NFT #crypto #cryptocurrency #Bitcoin #opensea #Rarible #CryptoKitties

MonsterBit on @rariblecom

#nft #nfts #eth #ethereum #cryptoart #digitalart #rarible #cryptogame

MonsterBit on @rariblecom

#nft #nfts #eth #ethereum #cryptoart #digitalart #rarible #cryptogame

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The project has very great prospects since it is presented in a game form, which will allow users to earn tokens in a fun way. Although MonsterBit is not the flagship in its industry, it significantly refines the flaws of its competitors.
  • Very attractive design. In addition to the saturated colors in the graphics, players can create a variety of combinations of monsters' appearance using DNA. This makes it possible to create a unique character.
  • Growth opportunity. In order to breed monsters, a player needs to grow them. This process allows making the game interesting. It is also possible to sell your own monsters, regardless of their age. Time and food are key factors for monster development. At a certain period of time, the player receives an e-mail stating that the monster wants to eat. With timely feeding, the player receives a growth bonus. Since this food is free, you can also buy it for money if you don’t want to wait. Its cost is equal to the purchase price of the monster, but must be at least 0.2 ETH per stage of growth. If the monster was born from the mother, then the cost of feeding him is half the price of the parent.
  • Monster breeding.
  • Add-ons.
  • The possibility of fighting between monsters. They are held between adult monsters. In the results of the battle, the player can get various resources: these can be the monsters, the blasters with which the battle are fought and food.
  • The finished project will be look like as a game with a real money withdrawal.
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