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HYIP Industry: November 4-10 Weekly Report

Fixing Profits And Counting Losses

Smart investors are interested in stable projects. Find out how stable the project can be after some time of its work. Especially for you, we picked up HYIPs, in which a little more likely to stay in the gain than in the rest. Are you interested in stable autumn projects? Or have you already played there in the best HIT&RUN traditions?

news - HYIP Industry: November 4-10 Weekly Report

Some statistics: from 4r to 10n November 198 HYIPs started, 71 of which have already stopped paying or have not even started.

news - HYIP Industry: November 4-10 Weekly Report

Good HYIPs

CryptoMeridian FROM 18/08/18

This sleeper has a large number of monitors. Its plans are non-standard, more like a mid-interest project.

Part-Top FROM 18/09/24

This project made this week. We reviewed his viral video several times. It attracts many HYIP investors.

Invest-Broker FROM 18/10/19

A popular project with a beautiful and fresh design. Already showed profit to our subscribers. Available for investment this week.


Singitcorp (253 DAYS)

Since the project appeared on our forum, it has passed 4r investment circles. Experienced admin = great result.

Grant Epos (422 DAYS)

According to the plans was very similar to Singitcorp, made 3e investment circles in our forum.

Crypto-source (319 DAYS)

This project seems to be still working, but payment problems have already begun. This is the next candidate for departure.

Our HIT&RUN followers fix 11% of net profit from CryptoMeridian and 8% from Invest-Broker. As a result, their income was 20%. Investing in the Part-Top has not paid off, but we return 25% of principal now. Most likely, in this project we will receive a profit.

The projects that you see in the SCAMs section have given many investors money. Thanks to the experienced admins for their good work. Come again.

Investing in HYIPs is a risky business. We do not force you to do this and all decisions you make on your own. But you can see our results. The best of HYIPs for you, for them, for everyone.

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My way: investing in HYIP (profit) => playing in the casino (profit) => HYIP.COM So, here I am, I am ready to share with you my unique experience.

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