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[PreICO]/[ICO] IGT — Unique Design Blending Decentralized And Centralized Systems 23 Aug 2018 – 29 Dec 2018

IGT — a Breakthrough Idea in The World of Cryptocurrency Using a Centralized System

The lack of a convenient service for the exchange of cryptocurrency, a small trust in them prompted the development team to create a project called IGT. Directly development began in 2017. The team gathered real professionals with experience in the industry of cryptocurrency and economy.

  • Public sale
  • Team
  • Company Development Fund
  • Bounty And Bonuses
  • Marketing

Sold Tokens And Bonuses, %

Up to 2M 12%
Up to 4M 8%
Up to 6M 6%
Up to 8M 4%
up to 10M 2%


  • High-quality feedback. This will be ensured by multilingualism, frequent updating of useful content in social networks, as well as the opportunity to share experiences between users. Multilingualism is especially due to the fact that the project operates on 4 continents;
  • Transparency of transactions. Full information on all commissions and transactions will be provided. This can be done on request;
  • Wide exchange opportunities. Many exchange tools will be provided. Their number will increase and help traders of any level;
  • High level of comfort. Other services are often based on work in the browser. IGT solves the problem of convenience in the work as follows: programs for Windows and Mac, as well as applications for Android and IOS, will be developed;
  • Strict rules. With the help of them it will be possible to eliminate the human factor and to achieve maximum justice and transparency in the performance of operations;
  • Fiat currency transactions. With the help of Internet acquiring, it will be possible to easily withdraw money in traditional currency or use them to trade on the platform.

Bonus program

The number of tokens sold will be equal to 12.6 million, which is 60% of their total number. The number of bonuses depends on the time of the sale. It will also be possible to get tokens for completing tasks.

ico - [PreICO]/[ICO] IGT — Unique Design Blending Decentralized And Centralized Systems 23 Aug 2018 – 29 Dec 2018

The first 2 million tokens will account for 12%, for the next 2 million – 8% and then every 2 million the number of bonuses will decrease by 2%, reaching the maximum value.

Bonus tokens will account for 10%. 15% of tokens will go as payment for developers. Another 15% will be in the form of savings: they will be frozen for 3 years and used only for the needs of the company. 5% will be spent on PR and project marketing.


People can earn tokens by performing actions on four social networks: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn. For each themed post the user will receive 1 token. 5 reposts in all services, excluding Instagram, will also be evaluated in 1 token. For 10 likes in Facebook and LinkedIn, 1 token will be charged and, accordingly, 1 token will be charged for each subscriber in all listed services.

ICO details

The soft cap is 1 mln tokens, the hard cap is 12.6 mln tokens. The price is 1 dollar per 1 token. The minimum investment will be $ 100. Total tokens are 21 million. The country is Ireland.

Never lose a chance to learn more - never means now

Despite are you a player, businessman or investor, it can be good idea for you to go to the official ICO website, learn more about the project and invest in it, if you really keen on this industry.

Discuss and share your experience – it’s the only way to become better
On the other hand, if you’d like to learn more about investing, trading and everything about crypto, visiting our forum might be a good chance to do all of these in one place.

Considering IGT platform, participants can definitely say that it is unlikely to be abandoned because a large number of developers are working on it. All this is reinforced by the idea of integrating the classical banking system into the decentralized one in the world of cryptocurrency. To compete with such a project will be quite difficult and a potential participant can be sure that the money will be invested with benefits.
  • Very strong and big team.
  • Non-standard idea.
  • New data security algorithms.
  • Active community and support.
  • The emergence of competition is possible.
  • Some users might think the idea is too ordinary because it uses a centralized system.
  • Not very generous bounty.
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