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[HYIP] — Earnings on Encrypting Private Data From 2019/01/06 [3% Daily Profit] has been working since January 6, 2019. According to the site, the founder wants to launch the ICO program. We cannot find any code for this project in the GitHub and placed its review in the HYIPs section. In the future, we can move this one to an ICO reviews section.

hyip-scams - — Investing in Anonymous Mail Development Platform

According to the WhitePaper, developers want to secure our private data because every time when we send emails to each other, we stand face to face with stealing information risk. Hackers can easily receive our current placement, our names and recipients. With Bitmally anonymous email we can send both letters and cryptocurrency with absolute security confidence.


We propose to discuss unusual design of this program and of course sharing payment with us. We don’t force investors to make deposits, just tell about perspective projects.

Invest in Bitmally

We propose to discuss unusual design of this program and of course sharing payment with us. We don’t force investors to make deposits, just tell about prospective projects.

Financial Part

Investors can create deposit via any cryptocurrency from our table here. If we will invest $200, we will be receiving $6 daily for 64 business days. Principal included in payments so we will receive a net profit on 34 business day.

Investors cannot find information about minimal amount to withdraw, because the payment process is automatic. So, they will receive payment on their wallets every day if invested a minimal amount.

Investors will be able to receive accrual of interest and withdrawal of funds only on business days. Therefore, the yield formula per month is 20 days * 3% = 60% per month. This program belongs to the category of mid-interest HYIPs.

The founder has at least six monitors to confirm the status of Paying its platform.

Affiliate Program

Upliners need to active deposit for receiving an affiliate link. The platform pays 10% from each referral’s deposit. Here is only one affiliate level. Investment Offer And Marketing

Payment SystemMin Deposit
Bitcoin0.03 BTC
Litecoin2.7 LTC
Dogecoin40,000 DOGE
Dash1.2 DASH
Bcash0.8 BCH
Zcash1.5 ZEC
Ethereum0.8 ETH
Monero2.1 XMP
Ripple250 XRP

Program for both crypto holders and cryptoinvestors has only one plan: 3% daily for 66 business days. The maximal deposit is no limited, the minimal depends on currency’s kind.

We invested in Bitmally because it is the best HYIP for a lazy investor: just deposit and receiving payments every weekday. We also told you about perfect the technical part. Although this is natural, because, we think, the creator has experience in creating similar projects. has a unique design, a good idea for an investment program. The essence of this platform is not a big deal — ICO or HYIP. The developers have invested a lot of money in launching the website and they will want to make a profit. It is not yet announced on which exchange their tokens will be issued, it is better to use the investment part of the program and receive income tomorrow. High chances to return the principle and get a net profit.
  • The unique script for Bittmally as investment program, unique both design and text.
  • The founders used the popular idea of anonymity on the Internet to attract investors.
  • The website hosted on Cloudflare servers.
  • Admin bought SSL from DDoS-Guard up to 25 March 2028. It looks like unbelievable for HYIPs, but usual for ICOs.
  • The domain name registered in NameCheap.
  • The registry expiry date is 2021/11/27.
  • It is hard to understand processes both the registration and investment.
  • The user needs to have an active deposit to invite partners to the project.
  • There is neither the code on the GitHub nor finished product.
  • A lot of competition in the chosen field of anonymity e-mail.
  • There are free quality analogs of the services offered by the company.
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My way: investing in HYIP (profit) => playing in the casino (profit) => HYIP.COM So, here I am, I am ready to share with you my unique experience.

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