Home » — Leading Futuristic Ideas and Passive Income — Leading Futuristic Ideas and Passive Income starts as a sleeper in May 4, 2018. Project appeared on three monitors on launch day. Investors had no problems with payments during the whole period of work. HYIP community said that the founder is experienced, he had a blog and an exchanger in the past.

hyip-scams - — Leading Futuristic Ideas and Passive Income

According to the site, the company invests in 5G, AI development, centralization of the technical environment. The development team believes that once all the surrounding devices — a TV, laptop, lighting fixtures, appliances and other — can be controlled from one place. The owners of the shares of the company that develops this technology will ensure a constant cash flow from around the world.


We share payments and quickly respond to SCAM. Stay up to date with news, join our investor team and get great balance bonuses And also get all the information in one place for the express analysis of new projects. This and many other fresh and promising HYIPs.

Financial Part can receive at least 4% of net profit for the first investment circle. The investor needs only $10 for creates the first deposit, the maximum limit is $100,000.
The first profit can be obtained after 1 day. Users can make a deposit via PerfectMoney, Payeer, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum.
The limit on withdrawal of the standard for the classic HYIP — $0.01. Payments are made manually, within 72 hours or 24 business hours.

Affiliate Program

The system pays 5% of the referrals deposits. The team returns this money to the internal forum’s s balance to our partners. Users don’t need to have an active deposit to participate in the affiliate system.

Despite the experience of the admin, plans are poorly made. Given the average life of HYIPs with good technical characteristics (approximately 30 days), investors can get a profit from 1, 2, 3 plans.

According to hyiplogs, the project has been listed on more than 34 monitors and admin continues to buy ads.

The program works with fast plans for more than a week, our forecast is 2-3 weeks to the finish.

Invest in InvestCentre

The main advantage of this project is its lifetime. Investors made a profit of more than 200 days. According to hyiplogs, on the day of launch, the admin bought 3 listings on monitoring.

Program participants have long noticed the characteristics of the wallet — more than 4 thousand trust points and the status of a Business Partner. The owner of this wallet had a financial blog of a HYIP theme and an exchanger.

Investcentre Investment Offers

PlanAfter N DaysROI
$10-100 — 104%
OVERNIGHT1$101-25,000 — 101%
$25,001-100,000 — 400%
$10-100 — 140%
WEEKLY7$101-25,000 — 101%
$25,001-100,000 — 400%
$10-100 — 180%
DECADAL10$101-25,000 — 101%
$25,001-100,000 — 150%
$10-100 — 460%
MONTHLY30$101-25,000 — 101%
$25,001-100,000 — 1600%
QUARTERLY90$10-100,000 — 3500%
ANNUAL365$10-100,000 — 5000%
FAST VIP5$15,000-100,000 — 1000%
MEDIUM VIP8$15,000-100,000 — 1500%
BEST VIP40$5,000-100,000 — 3000%
  • The website work on GoldCoders licensed script.
  • The unique text part.
  • A believable history of the company’s activities, following which can bring potentially high profits to developers.
  • Here is enabled EV SSL from COMODO up to 2019/06/07.
  • The domain name registered in NameCheap up to 2021/04/28.
  • According to hyiplogs, HYIPs with similar design exists earlier, but our team didn’t notice the same parts in the templates. Perhaps this is a mistake, because according to ISP, all OK in this area.
  • Hosting provider is unknown and unpopular strongns with DDoS-Guard from it. On the other hand, the founder of the program will receive a profit in any case, smart hackers don’t need to attack these servers now. Strange plans with 101%.
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My way: investing in HYIP (profit) => playing in the casino (profit) => HYIP.COM So, here I am, I am ready to share with you my unique experience.

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