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LTO Network ICO — Trust Balance for B2B on The Basis of a Combining Chains

[ICO] LTO Network — Amazing Blockchain for B2B Equal Footing Collaborating Jan 14, 2019 [Whitepaper]

LTO Network ICO created for the collaboration of work processes between different departments or organizations. The solution offered by the project team will allow each side of the workflow to use outdated programs and systems for interaction. Implementing such solutions will increase overall efficiency.

LTO Network Users

Integrator & Partners 50%
Clients 30%
Passive stakers 10%
Non-active holders 10%

A Billion Dollar Global Problem And a 5 Million Solution

Billions of dollars from government and multinationals turn to automation solutions, such as BPMN, ERP and CRM. They effectively accelerate everyday processes.

ico - LTO Network ICO — Trust Balance for B2B on The Basis of a Combining Chains

But the above solutions lose their meaning when interacting between organizations or departments. The LTO Network team has a new approach with the help of Decentralized Ledger Technology (DLT). This technology will eliminate interoperability problems without creating data security vulnerabilities and without compromising productivity.

$ 5.2 million of the total budget is envisaged for implementation. We noticed that the LTO Network Won the Blockathon by the Dutch Ministry of Justice and Security.

Hybrid Blockchain Concept

The new Blockchain will consist of 3 parts:

  • Private Data to protect sensitive data when collaborating with B2B. Required data can be transferred as needed;
  • Event Chain — new processes launch an ad-hoc miniature chain. This is a private network and is available only to its members. The rules of interaction are determined by the contract previously created for this process. Archive of events securely stored in the chain;
  • Global Public Chain — thanks to the public chain, all processes are time bound. Can be used as notarization of information.

But what exactly does the interaction of these elements do?

Why LTO Network is Must Have For Corporations

LTO Network solutions are needed to automate the launch of business processes, where the parties have their own node.
In the real world at the conclusion of agreements, someone is watching the stages of their implementation. To do this, there are intended Live Contracts, including instructions for systems and people. Only after performing the specified constructions, the data specified by the contract are sent. You cannot change the contract.

Benefits to Token Holders & Bounty

Tokens’ buyers automatically become potential partners of the LTO Network. This makes it possible to get help in integrating the solution into an existing business or to receive a grant to create a new business.

A planned marketing campaign makes the chances of a token price higher in the future high. ICO didn’t provide discounts, dividends and rewards for early buyers.

Update your profile and connect Twitter account for claim 35 LTO. You can also receive some points for tweets if you have more than 50 followers.

Information About LTO Network ICO

The company will issue 500,000,000 LTO tokens ERC20 type. During the token sale, which will begin on January 14 this year, investors will be able to purchase 42% of the total number of issued tokens. Cost — $0.03 per one. You can join Whitelist from January 3rd.

Never lose a chance to learn more - never means now

Despite are you a player, businessman or investor, it can be good idea for you to go to the official ICO website, learn more about the project and invest in it, if you really keen on this industry.

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Within a few months, many new ICOs appeared, but the investment portfolio was not increased. There were objective reasons for this - many scammers entered the market, which increased the risk of loss. Now the Whitelist entry for a promising (over the past few months) project has begun. Lto Network is Winner of the Blockathon by the Dutch Ministry of Justice and Security and it is impressive.
  • High hype rate due to frequent product presentations, marketing.
  • Normal risk rate.
  • Presence on social networks.
  • Experienced team members.
  • Solutions are focused on billion-dollar areas, which will allow tokens to grow immediately after their implementation.
  • Large customer base.
  • Lack of metrics.
  • The product is difficult to understand ordinary investors.
  • Not very well developed site.
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