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YourSmartProfit — Mix Opportunities For Firefox Scripters, Investors and Affiliate Leaders

[HYIP] YourSmartProfit — Trading, Matrix & PaidToClick Modules Combining from 2016/01/28 [About 35% Monthly Profit]

YourSmartProfit domain appeared on 28 January 2016. Program haven’t any monitors from the start so we cannot say when it started working as an investment program. We received first notification about it only on November 29, 2018. Let’s consider this date as the start of the HYIP program.

hyip-scams - YourSmartProfit — Mix Opportunities For Firefox Scripters, Investors and Affiliate Leaders

According to the site, investors can receive active profit from matrix packages and passive profit from trading packages. Users can receive money without investments by viewing Cash Links. Only 20 links are available per day, worth $0.002-0.005. Accordingly, the maximum income doesn’t exceed $0.04–0.10 daily or $1.2–3 monthly. A great option in the piggy bank of Firefox scripters.

We will pay attention to the more profitable and risky part of the program — the money on trading packages. We will tell investors how to deposit and not to lose money during transaction.


Matrix, HYIP, PaidToClick — three ways of earning money on the platform. We choose trading packages. What about you?

Invest in YourSmartProfit

Project for investors who are tired of the monotony of recurring plans, designs, stories. A new and interesting approach to building an investment platform.

Column For Smart Investors: Calculating Expected Income

We invested $200 in the purchase of 8 YourSmartProfit shares + $3 for status. Our monthly profit will be $80, of which: the system sends 10% or $8 to the re-purchase balance. Our team will stand face by face with a choice: buy status again, and add $17 to buy a new Pack or buy it next month, and now take all the available profit. We will choose option 1 because the lifetime of each pack is 12 months, if we buy 1 share each month, we will receive practically lifetime offers.

So, we will spend $17 to immediately buy another Pack, $3 to buy Pro Membership. Total: net income of $52 per 1st month, or 25.62%.

Second month: 9 Packs will bring $90, of which the system will send $9 to the re-purchase balance, we will buy the status for $3 and spend $16 to buy the fresh Pack. Total: $62 30.54% of net income per 2nd month or 56.16% of total profits.

Third month: 10 Packs will bring $100, like as VIP Trading Pack. The system will send $10 to the re-purchase balance, status — $3, $15 — the next Pack. Total: $72 or 35.47% of net income per 3rd month 91.63% of profit in total.

In the fourth month, we will return the body of the deposit. Further, it doesn’t matter how many Packs we buy on the dividends received.

YourSmartProfit Investment Offers

HYIP investors are used to the fact that inside personal accounts are almost the same. They intuitively understand where to click to make a deposit. Attention! In order to buy trading packages, the investor needs first buy the Pro Membership status for $3 in Settings Icon => Upgrade Account.

Be careful: if a YourSmartProfit participant buys this status twice, he will receive it only for 1 month. We made a mistake at this point, but the project admin returned our money. We are sure that the admin can cover your mistakes too, but in any case, it makes no sense to fall into the same trap over and over again.

Then, the investor can make a deposit in Dollar Icon => Purchase Position => Trading Earning Plans to receive passive income.

PackagePriceROI Per Year
Basic Trading Pack$25 USD480%
VIP Trading Pack$250 USD480%

In fact, the plans differ only in the price of the Pack, no conditions. It doesn’t matter buy 10 Basic Trading Pack or 1 VIP Trading Pack. Investors can buy any of the Packs in unlimited quantities, but they pay only for 1 pack at a time.

YourSmartProfit Financial Part

To participate in the YourSmartProfit investment program user need:

  • At least $25 to deposit
  • $3 for the Pro status.

The platform doesn’t limit the number of Packs to purchase. The plan is activated for 12 months. For every $25, the investor gets $10 monthly. At the same time, 90% is credited to the payments’ balance, and 10% to the re-purchase balance. Users can buy first packs only via CoinPayments-BTC.

Investors need to set their security question firstly before request withdrawal. Minimum withdrawal amount is $5, the maximum daily limit is $500. The system withdraws 2% commission for each withdrawal. Platform participants can withdraw money via Payza, PerfectMoney, Payeer, CoinPayments-BTC.

Why YSP takes $3 for PRO membership?

This is made to support members without money because give extra funds for PTC ads. From this $3:

  • $0.51 goes to investor’s sponsor (also known as upline);
  • $1 automatically gives a position in membership matrix, so investor take a possibility to get positions in all other YSP matrix plans through cycling in the membership matrix;
  • $1.49 goes to PTC ads which are set up by admin.

Affiliate Program

The system hates multiple accounts and quickly blocks cheaters, so be careful. The program doesn’t provide a classic referral program, but in matrix plans, sponsors get commissions up to 5 lvls deep.

YouSmartProfit is a unique long-term project. Users often have difficulty using the personal account interface. The project offers interesting plans with a bit overpriced trading packs. Our team has bought 8 shares for passive income and plans to buy 1 pack monthly. Since the project seems stable, the good choice is to immediately buy 1 VIP Trading Pack. The investor will not spend a lot of time paying for each Basic Pack separately in this case, like our team. Regardless of the number and type of Packs, the investor will pay back investments in the investment program for only 4 months.
  • An original idea for creating an investment program.
  • The website based on Proxscript licensed script.
  • EssentialSSL from COMODO up to 17 December 2019.
  • Only one HYIP on this IP-address.
  • Hosting and guard from ZamaHost.
  • The platform offers other ways to make money.
  • High social activity, the admin responds to all users’ complaints or suggestions.
  • No classic affiliate system.
  • The project’ founder didn’t add it to any monitor immediately after launch.
  • It is difficult to understand the process of investing without watching a video tutorial, so we place it above.
  • The investor pays both a withdrawal fee and a membership to purchase new Packs.
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My way: investing in HYIP (profit) => playing in the casino (profit) => HYIP.COM So, here I am, I am ready to share with you my unique experience.

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