Home » SCAM — Secret Agent of Passive Income in a Telegram SCAM — Secret Agent of Passive Income in a Telegram HYIP — Toolkit for Bitcoin HYIP Investments [10% Daily Profit] has been working since March 22, 2019. According to the site, Amabit Telegram Bot is just a tool for short-term Bitcoin investments. Admin has a team, which successfully invests in cryptocurrency. They are together silent about ways of making a profit. Anyway, the main thing for fast projects as this is a design and monitors amount. It’s not only the main thing for abstract HYIPs, but also is a good side of Amabit.


Our team back 6% of our referrals’ deposits. Please, take attention that investor can create an RCB request only through HYIP forum. We send all of this funds into investor’s account in our forum. They can claim money after collecting a minimum amount of $10 or deposit it on our bank. Potential investors can also check status and our payment proofs before deposit.

hyip-scams - SCAM — Secret Agent of Passive Income in a Telegram

Invest in Amabit

Telegram bot back in the HYIP area again. In fact, in Telegram are many bots weakly related to HYIPs. Only Amabit created a good site and start relationships with monitors. It is the true HYIP bot in Telegram.

Financial Part

Principal included in profit and system provides instant withdrawals. We can say that user returns 100% of deposit on 10 days and receiving a net profit for the other 4 days. The minimum amount to withdraw is not limited. The financial component realized as the standard for HYIPs in Telegram. Investors can make deposits only via Bitcoin.

We predicted people surprising about deposit process, so prepared a mini-guide. Firstly, use our link below named Invest in Amabit. Then tap START in the bottom of Telegram channel. Choose Deposit option and send needed money to the account. Their admin promise guaranteed payments, but whatever he says with a grain of salt. Investment Portfolios

PlanSpent Amount ($)Total ROI
Start Plan0,001 BTC – Unlimited140%

According to the Start Plan, the investor will be receiving 10% daily for 14 days. Total ROI will be 140% and net investors’ profit — about 40%. Start plan is a single offer of this program so we cannot recommend anything else.

Affiliate Program works with a three-level affiliate program. Uplines may receive 6-2-1% of reward for each of levels. This is a Telegram bot, so we take a little advice about referral link searching: Go to Telegram — Referrals. The system sends a message with a link to both the website and bot’s channel. Users can use the link for inviting new referrals and don’t care about active investment.

We try to invest every time when admin from Telegram bot HYIPs try to work through personal website and monitors. Why? Because we see HYIP ads in different Telegram channels. Nobody tracks paying statuses and it hurts us to know how hundreds of people daily lose money in dubious projects. Admin of this program use not just all blogs, but English-speaking blogs and monitors for advertising. offers not only a chance for an unbelievable fast registration but also the opportunity to track its work on specialized resources. Monitors, blogs and forums are like as Sherlock Holmes for HYIP paying status checking. We have invested in a fresh and profitable project. Let investors not be confused by the alleged high profitability. The real net profit is only 60% for the first month, so this is an unusual mid-interest HYIP.
  • HYIP’s work realized through Telegram Bot.
  • Website has only one page with simple and unique design. Personal cabinet in Telegram bot is simple and convenient too.
  • PositiveSSL from Sectigo LTD up to to 21 March, 2020.
  • Presentations on more than 10 monitors, 19 forums, 3 blogs.
  • Program has not any official registration. Admin also didn’t propose any believable story about their business work.
  • Domain name from Namecheap up to 2020-02-19.
  • Hosting provider is DDoS-Protect, some unpopular in HYIP area server.
  • DDoS-protection from registrar-servers.
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My way: investing in HYIP (profit) => playing in the casino (profit) => HYIP.COM So, here I am, I am ready to share with you my unique experience.

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