Home » SCAM — Investing in Forex Should Be a Piece of Cake SCAM — Investing in Forex Should Be a Piece of Cake HYIP — All Directions of Forex Investing [2% After 1 Day + 5% R. C.] starts on April 08, 2019. Investors can find information on the main page about the launch 1 month ago. We think this info is lying the same as payment statistics. According to the site, specialists of the company operates on cryptocurrency markets and forex. Administration talking about themselves as a playground for making keep, increase, exchange investors’ capital.


Despite the machinations of their admin with payment statistics and the date of payment, always pays bonuses. We are 100% RCB service. Today we offer investors +5% to their deposits via the link right. Deposit, if you want, and be sure to take your bonus.

hyip-scams - SCAM — Investing in Forex Should Be a Piece of Cake

Invest in Bintel

The program opened four days ago and today we can see about 2 million dollars in deposit statistics. We think admin distorts reality, but it doesn’t affect the rating in a nutshell.

Financial Part

All plans have $5 minimal offer amount, so, theoretically, the investor can deposit on any of them. Payback period is more attractive for Standard plan. A golden rule of smart investor: in HYIPs with the 1-day plan always choose this one. accept PerfectMoney, Payeer, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Dash.

Minimal amount to withdraw is no limited. Cryptocurrency investors expect a longer for withdrawal — up to 24 hours instead of instant. We think the admin project changes all received funds to dollars. Investment Portfolios

PlanOfferTotal ROI
BASIC3% for 7 days$5–1,000
STANDARD102 % after 1 day$5–20,000
PREMIUM250% after 10 days$200–50,000
ULTIMATE600% for 15 days$100–50,000
VIP1600% for 25 days$100–50,000

For example, if we invest $200 on the Basic plan: we will be receiving $6 every day, $42 of net profit in total. We receive the principal of $200 at the end of the term. Affiliate Program

Here is another way of making a profit. The user even without deposits may invite others and receiving 5% of every deposit via their link. They can use Banners from Referral Links section.

Fasts convenient to advertise through social networks due to the rapid payback period. If an upline correctly describes the benefits of investing in a project, at the right time he will be able to earn money himself and help to earn others. Users usually use new or unpopular social networks, where managers aren’t so strict with content or set high daily limits on sending messages to unfamiliar users. In popular multi-million networks, the administration often blocks accounts that spam with offers to invest in HYIPs. For such cases, uplines may lure potential downlines to some messenger.

Summary HYIP it has a huge bad side — the nonexistent real payment statistics. We can understand how much the administrator has received and spent only on the basis of different monitors paid by RCB. Unfortunately, various internal bonuses distort the statistics. It is convenient to monitor cryptocurrency investments, but their admin doesn’t welcome this. He set manual payouts up to 24 hours. Our investment is minimal — we will follow the development of the platform.
  • GoldCoders licensed script, which means it is located on 4 of 5 hierarchy of HYIPS. Down up: unlicensed script, long-forgotten script, licensed H-script, licensed GoldCoders, unique script.
  • Hosting from GeniusGuard.
  • PositiveSSL from Sectigo LTD up to 24 March, 2020.
  • Admin launched a marketing campaign on 12 monitors, 3 blogs, 14 forums.
  • DDoS-protection from easy-geo-dns.
  • Drawn statistics of deposits and payments, the start date.
  • Different aggregators didn’t find similar HYIP designs, but visually we see the similarity with one of the good HYIPs from last year. Therefore, we are 99% sure that Bintel isn’t the first project of this admin.
  • We cannot find information about registration of investment platform.
  • Domain name from Namecheap up to 24 March, 2020.
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My way: investing in HYIP (profit) => playing in the casino (profit) => HYIP.COM So, here I am, I am ready to share with you my unique experience.

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