Home » — Actives Don’t Feel Under the Weather — Actives Don’t Feel Under the Weather — Investors’ Passions Packed Like Sardines [8% for 14 Days + 5-2-1% R. C.] HYIP launched on April 08, 2019. According to the site, 11793202 number in UK company listing is a Bit Atomix Ltd — one of the most searching programs among investors. The first time we read about its activity, we think they offer trading instruments, but no. Users cannot trade on the Forex or cryptocurrency markets via this platform. All financial or analytics troubles exist only for the company team. User can only make a passive profit.


Our team offers a 5% reward for every investor’s deposit. They need just use a link on right for registering and apply to the topic starter by the link below. We also look forward to your impressions of the project.

hyip-scams - — Actives Don’t Feel Under the Weather

We noticed a little mistake on the FAQ section: a minimal deposit amount is $3010. Really, it is $30. The admin either copy this FAQ from other HYIP or want to set $10 minimal amount.

Invest in

The administrator placed confirmation of cover from insurance broker on the main page. It happens frequently and gives at least 5 points to admin.

Financial Part

Investors can make deposits from $30, so HYIP didn’t open to everybody. The payback period is 13 days for minimal investment. Minimal or maximal amount to withdraw is no limited — any of active user can requests withdrawals every day. The admin will process them manually within 24 hours. He doesn’t take any internal fees. Have any PerfectMoney, Payeer, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash wallets? BitAtomix accepts these payment systems. Affiliate Program

The platform is open for both affiliates and representatives. The affiliates can get 5-2-1% for referral deposits, the representatives — 7-2-1%. The system provides banners for agitation. The platform doesn’t accept registrations from one IP — all these accounts will be suspended.

Pay attention: user needs to have an active deposit for receiving affiliate bonuses. It is a good side because of increasing trust to uplines. Investment Portfolios

PlanMin-Max DepositTotal ROI
8% for 14 days$30–499112%
11% for 11 days$500–999121%
160% After 9 days$1,000–1,499160%
180% for 7 days$1,500–2,999180%
250% for 5 days$3,000–100,000250%

Minimal plan can give 12% of the net profit after 14 days, it is about 0.86% daily profit. The program has the financial potential to work for more than 3 months because of the principal back in main offers. But we even don’t really hope for 2-3 weeks of successfully work.

How to Become an Active Investor Without Deposit?

In this project, as in most areas of life, users can get money in exchange for the time invested. Administration provides large bounty company:

  • Video review including blogger’s face — $3–500;
  • Bitcointalk signature — $10–100 per week, the reward depends on a rank;
  • Facebook — $0.5 for like + repost;
  • Webinars — $10–3,000.

More details about conditions are on the official website. For some points there are no requirements for accounts in the social network, for others — are easy and even accessible to beginners.

Summary works for 1 investment circle without delays on withdrawals. The earliest investors take a good profit. Our team hasn’t facts about the last activities of this admin, so did any other person. Our deposit is $200, let’s see the development of this program.
  • The admin uses licensed GoldCoders script.
  • Hosting and DDoS-protection from DDoS-guard.
  • Information about EV SSL from DigiCert up to 14 Feb, 2020 is correct.
  • Their team provides good marketing company using more than 22 monitors, 6 blogs, 19 forums.
  • Text is unique, but hyiplogs finds similar design. We check that similar project — it was launched later.
  • The domain name from NameCheap was registered only for one year (up to January 05, 2020.
  • Minimal investment amount is $30.
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My way: investing in HYIP (profit) => playing in the casino (profit) => HYIP.COM So, here I am, I am ready to share with you my unique experience.

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