Home » SCAM — Wait for Bulls on London Stock Exchange SCAM — Wait for Bulls on London Stock Exchange HYIP — Only Forex, Only Hardcore [4% After 1 Day] starts on April 1, 2019. According to the site, UK company no. 11846945 named as Finorion Ltd makes a profit on both the London Stock Exchange and Forex. All financial events predictable according to the cyclical law of market existing. For example, stocks of all the 500 American most successful companies grew in price until the end of the year. Simple people are only thinking about investing, and the team of this platform is doing it right now. Thinking is bad: thinking every day reduces your potential net profit by 9%.


We talking about 9% of the net profit after 1 day. The investor may not understand us: minimal investment accruals starts from 4% of net profit. Let’s see our formula for increased profit. User registered by our link and invests from $10 to the first plan. Then our team receive 5% from this deposit and back this money to the internal balance of The user can withdraw money from our club when collecting at least $10.

hyip-scams - SCAM — Wait for Bulls on London Stock Exchange

Invest in

The main feature of this HYIP is following to all canons of the correct fast project. Their admin takes care of monitors, technical characteristics, normal text, simple design.

Financial Part

Minimal deposit is $10 and the maximum is no limited, factually. Principal included as in all fasts. The investor can transfer money on any plan via PerfectMoney, Payeer, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Litecoin. This platform provides instant payments for deposits and manual — for withdrawals. The user can receive funds to the external system within 48 hours, as a rule. Minimal amount to withdraw is no limited. Finorion doesn’t take commissions for any operations. Affiliate Program

This HYIP provides 5% reward for every deposit of user’s referrals. The admin doesn’t take care of the representative part or other levels of reward system. But it is not necessary to invest to make money on advertising. The conditions are as simple as possible and beneficial to both the project and users. Investment Portfolios

ROITermSpent Amount ($)
104–140%After 1 Day10–100,000
135–350%After 6 Days10–100,000
180–550%After 9 Days10–100,000
330–1100%After 18 Days10–100,000
1000–1500%After 36 Days10–100,000
2000%After 60 Days10–100,000
2500%After 80 Days10–100,000
1000%After 5 Days10,000–100,000
2000%After 10 Days10,000–100,000
3000%After 30 Days10,000–100,000

We recommend first 104% plan as the fastest offer. If user deposits $200, he will receive $200 of principal + $8 of net profit + $10 of our bonus. Totally, $18 or 9% of net profit.

We invested $200 of course on the first plan and hope to receive profit for at least 6 days. We can earn only 24% of the net profit for these days, but we provide an opportunity for our investors to make more. They can receive at least 54% of the net profit for this period. Be careful: every day of thinking reduces potential profit by 9%. Our team sees in this HYIP a successfully start with good monitors, normal technical characteristics. The admin takes care of a good start of this project. But we worried about development in the future. We would like this project to work at least 30 days, like a classic fast. But in the current conditions of the industry, it seems unreal. We must be first and swallowed our canary.
  • HYIP uses licensed GoldCoders script.
  • A hosting and DDoS-protect provider is
  • PositiveSSL from Sectigo LTD up to 28 March, 2020.
  • Advertising on more than 9 monitors, 11 forums, 3 blogs.
  • Simple and useful design.
  • Finorion Ltd has official registration in the UK with company no. 11846945.
  • The domain name from NameCheap was registered up to February 24, 2022.
  • Text is unique, but has little sense. The simple investor cannot exactly understand what the project team is doing. Perhaps this is due to a disclaimer in the rules of the resource.
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My way: investing in HYIP (profit) => playing in the casino (profit) => HYIP.COM So, here I am, I am ready to share with you my unique experience.

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  1. Anna

    I have been stuck with the withdrawals from my investments.

    I was asked to wait for 48 business hours and then being asked again to break the withdrawal request into 200 USD each although my investment is quite a lot.

    I was so fool investing in this program with high value.

    • Anna

      Me too man! it is finish We lost ALL (and I’ve lost a lot!!!)

    • Anna

      Up to now I am in the list of top 10 investors but hardly can I withdrawal the fund.
      The site is still restricted the high value withdrawal and only allow actual withdrawal among 50-75 USD each.
      Maybe except for the hyip monitors and some “selected” investors, the story is different so that they can still attract new funding.

      • Anna

        I am in similar situation – I invested VIP program, and I’m still waiting for a withdraw (4th day now)
        I was told it can take up to 6 days, so I’m waiting till Saturday latest, but I am stressed.
        Hope it will end well.. Will update for some more news..

        • Anna

          Hi man,
          This project has been marked as “Scam” or “Problem” in many hyip monitors. Maybe, it’s too late for your withdrawal already.
          I also lost a lot in this project 🙁

  2. Anna

    lost about $5400 using bitcoin as payment method on finorion. Careful about investment you make because sites often go offline just a few days to a month and monies invested are lost. Get investment advice from [email protected] Helped me get my bitcoin investment in finorion


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