Home » SCAM — How to Invest in the World Economy From $10 [1.8% For 15 Days + 5% R. C.] SCAM — How to Invest in the World Economy From $10 [1.8% For 15 Days + 5% R. C.] HYIP — Different Profitable Directions for Diversifying Investment Risks launched its investment program by buying first ads yesterday, on April 09, 2019. According to the site, everyone investor can use $10 and more for sponsoring the world economy. On the main page of the site posted an impressive list of all activities. In our opinion, it would be enough to use one direction, but give specific examples of activities.


We offer 5% of investors’ deposits back. They need to register and invest via our link on right. Then they go to the link below and write to topic starter in PM about their deposit amount, e-mail, login. Investors can also simply send a screenshot of their personal account in some cases. We just want to get information about the user nickname, the deposit of which you need to search among all referrals of the project. Sometimes we only see information about the user’s email, so we ask both the login and the email.

hyip-scams - SCAM — How to Invest in the World Economy From $10 [1.8% For 15 Days + 5% R. C.]

Invest in

An investor never knows for sure when his deposit expires. And people get nervous when they don’t know anything. The admin has removed our stress with the help of the countdown counter that appears after investing. Now each person can log in the personal account and know when he will receive dividends.

Financial Part

Minimal deposit is only $10 for Introduction and $30 for Accumulation plan. The payback period for these two most attractive offers equal to their terms because of principal back. Right-am accepts Payeer, Perfect Money, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Ripple. According to the FAQ, the platform provides instant withdrawals. Minimal amount to withdraw is $0.01, 0.001 BTC, 0.05 ETH, 0.005 LTC, 1 XRP. Affiliate Program

Users can attract referral and earn 5% from every deposit. They don’t need to be an active investor for receiving rewards. Uplines don’t receive the commission from downlines’ deposits from a balance. The system provides professional banners for marketers and referrers.

Representatives may receive 10% of affiliate reward. People need to fill contact form for becoming a partner with increased passive profit. Investment Portfolios

PlanOfferTotal ROI
Introduction1.8% for 15 days127%
Accumulation2.2% for 30 days166%
Asset Productivity2.7% for 40 days208%
Asset Growth3.5% for 50 days275%
Cash Flow4.5% for 60 days370%
VIP custom plancustom % for 10-90 dayscustom % + 100% of principal

Our team chose Introduction plan with the fastest payback period. The net profit from the Introduction plan can be 27% or $27 for every $100 invested.

Summary admin talks about starting on about 6.5 months ago. He probably thinks that it will raise the confidence of inexperienced investors. We all know that a decent admin is required to buy ads on at least one monitor on the day of launch. And only this day can be the day of launch. Now we need to remember that this project opened yesterday and treat it accordingly. This is a fresh platform with hot investment offers. We add it in $10 portfolio because of simple design, mid-interest offers.
  • Website works on a unique script.
  • KODDOS is HYIP’s hosting provider. This hosting used by many successful projects in the same area.
  • Admin registered his company as Right Asset Management LTD in the United Kingdom with no. 11571629.
  • EV SSL from COMODO up to 01 Nov, 2019.
  • DDoS-protection from NameCheap.
  • Advertising on more than 3 monitors, 20 forums, 2 blogs.
  • The domain name from NameCheap up to Aug 28, 2019 looks extremely risky for such projects.
  • Design is medium in attractiveness. We are particularly pleased with the timer until the next accrual. Text was copied from another project.
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My way: investing in HYIP (profit) => playing in the casino (profit) => HYIP.COM So, here I am, I am ready to share with you my unique experience.

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