Home » SCAM — Telegram Bot With Advertising Revenue SCAM — Telegram Bot With Advertising Revenue HYIP — Both HYIP or Exchange Advertising [0.833% Every 10 Hours For 100 Days + 6-4-1% R. C.] HYIP has been working since April 23, 2019, as their tweet about first Arbitrage. According to the site, company’s team have an Arbitrage Crypto bot for monitoring popular exchanges like OKEX, Huobi, kraken, Binance, BitFinex and other. They often add other exchanges, not even all are displayed on the main page. The bot buying cryptocurrency, bitcoin in general, cheaper in one exchange and selling it more expensive in another exchange. Reports about all operations can be found in their Telegram channel @Arbitragecrypto19, in which users also must join for activating passive income option.


We can pay 6% on internal balance from deposit invested if user joined as our referral by link right.

hyip-scams - SCAM — Telegram Bot With Advertising Revenue

Invest in

Users even without active investment get access to a channel with arbitrage operations. They can think about making own arbitrage operations, but our team doesn’t advise doing this. Please, read our warning at the end of the article if thinking that described arbitrage operations looking good. Remember that ArbitrageCrypto with great probability is the just HYIP on the Telegram Bot script.

Financial Part

The program accepts Bitcoin only. Minimum withdrawal amount is 0.0006 BTC, so investor with minimum 0.006 BTC deposit can withdraw accruals every 5 days. Pay attention, if he deposits less than 0.006 BTC, he doesn’t receive anything in his balance. In other hand, user can reinvest from a balance from 0.0006 BTC. User needs have at least 0.03 BTC deposit amount to daily withdrawals. The platform provides instant withdrawals. Support for solving financial and other requests is working 24/7. Investment Portfolios

PlanMin DepositTotal ROI
2% Daily For 100 Days0.006 BTC199.92%

If investor deposits $200, he will be receiving $1.66 for every 10 hours for 100 calendar days. Principal included, so net profit will be $199.84.

Where Investors Can Check Bot Results?

This question has never been asked by an active investor. User need join to channel with information about profit made by ArbitrageCrypto Bot for activation Telegram bot with passive income. Affiliate Program

Uplines see here 3-tier referral system with 6-4-1% rewards. User doesn’t need the active deposit for receiving rewards. He can invite friends by a referral link or QR=code from a personal cabinet.

Warning! Look a Gift Horse in The Mouth

The project team publishes daily operations that their bot performs. Our team does not recommend independently repeating the operations of their bot. For starters, read reviews about stock exchanges where coins are bought and sold. Then carefully look at whether the percentage of profit for the operation is calculated correctly. For example, the last operation:

Profit Made by ArbitrageCrypto Bot 4.63%
Coin : BTC
Buy :BITFINEX(Exchange )
Price: $5380

Sell :YOBIT (Exchange )
Price: $5631

Do own calculation: 5631/5380*100 = 104,67%. It is mean, that the bot spent only 0.06% of the transaction amount on the commission. But what elements does the commission consist? Commission for the purchase of cryptocurrency, exchange commission for transfer (3 times), commission for the sale of cryptocurrency. Conclusion: profit about they talking don’t consist of different market depths and exchanges fees.

Summary team uses Telegram script as personal cabinet. Many projects like this had a bad reputation in the past. Of course, we believe in this program, but statistic doesn’t believe. In another hand, the statistic is only one kind of lie. We have the deposit in this HYIP and users can check our proofs in the forum part.
  • DDoS-Protection from powerful Telegram services.
  • Design of personal cabinet is easier than in HYIPs in similar scripts.
  • Simple registration.
  • Very short and not informative FAQ section — only four questions with answers.
  • The program works on Telegram Bot script.
  • Minimal investment amount is 0.006 BTC.
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My way: investing in HYIP (profit) => playing in the casino (profit) => HYIP.COM So, here I am, I am ready to share with you my unique experience.

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