Home » SCAM Profit on Short-Term Loans SCAM Profit on Short-Term Loans HYIP — A Red Herring With Hourly Plans [1.3% For 30 Days + 7–4–2% R. C.] HYIP started on June 12, 2019. Both small people and big organizations want to buy more wealth. The more they get, the more they want to get more. But these material values ​​don’t always take part in the creation of profit. There are organizations that lend money. In most cases it is legal, but it requires an incredible investment. Would you be able to find about 5 million dollars now to open your small bank or credit community? We also don’t have it, so we invest in Minttos. According to their site, it provides loans to individuals and legal entities, offering investors a passive income of 1.18% per day. We are not sure that they really do it, but there is a minimum investment of only $10 and the income is already charged every day.


Our team is ready to return all amounts of referral fees to our investors. If a user is registered via our link, + 7% of his deposit amount is already waiting for him to submit an application to one of our moderators. Write right now and get a reward on the internal balance of the forum. We will also be glad to any information about this admin if you know him.

Invest in Minttos

We once invested in a sleeping project, and it added hourly plans in a few days. At that moment we already guessed that our deposit would remain with the admin and after a few days they really recorded a loss. But Minttos investors are 99% protected from a similar financial policy. The admin of this project first offered hourly plans, and now users can only choose from daily offers. Despite this, there is a cryptocurrency risk since cryptocurrency rates are not fixed.

Financial Part

Principal back for all investment plans. User can invest via Bitcoin, PerfectMoney, Payeer, BankWire, AdvCash. The minimum withdrawal amount is $1. We didn’t find the FAQ section where user can read how much is the minimum amount for withdrawal. This is important information because it tells investors with a minimum $10 deposit that they can withdraw money every 8 days. If they want to withdraw money every day, then they must open a deposit in the amount of $78 or more. The support team provides manually payments within 48 hours.

Loyalty Bonuses: users receive a small cash bonus to the deposit for reinvestment from the internal balance: from $5 — +3%, from $10 —+5%, from $30 — +8%, from $100 — +13%. Affiliate Program

The platform provides a 3-level affiliate program with 7–4–2% of reward from each deposit. Users don’t need an active investment to participate, but only to pass a free registration. Banners with standard sizes are published in a personal account. Current Investment Portfolios

PlanMin-Max DepositTotal Return
1.3% for 30 days$10–99+39%
1.5% for 30 days$100–599+45%
1.7% for 30 days$600–1,499+51%
1.9% for 30 days$1,500–99,999+57%
2.1% for 30 days$100,000–50,000+63%

Plans are simple but good. Despite the fact that with an increase in the amount of the deposit, the investor gets a higher interest rate, his profit is not too different from the investor’s profit with a minimum deposit (in percent).

If we invest $200, we will receive $3 every day (according to the calculator, on the main page). After 30 days, we reinvest $200 and get a deposit of $226. Thus, our profit next month will be no longer $3, but $3.39 every day. Or we can reinvest $180 and get the same $200 on deposit.

When we talk about marketing this project, we are talking about marketing a mid-interest and long-term project. Admin bought advertising space on 6 monitors, this is enough for such a project. Previously, the project had hourly plans, previously this would not be enough to attract a large flow of the audience.

  • The website works on ProHYIP script.
  • Hosting from Leaseweb.
  • Promotion on 9 forums, 8 monitors, 2 blogs.
  • Free SSL from Let’s Encrypt up to 25 Jule, 2019.
  • Minimal investment amount is $10.
  • DDoS-protection from own servers.
  • Domain name from NameCheap up to August 26, 2020.
  • No UK registration.

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