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Cryptoluck.Io SCAM — Magnet For Raising Money in an Investment Portfolio

Cryptoluck.Io HYIP — Stock And Cryptocurrency Trading [102% After 1 Day + 5% AR]

Cryptoluck.Io HYIP started on July 20, 2019. According to the site, the project team trades assets in crypto and forex markets. They prefer cryptotrade because of a number of advantages now: the exchanges are constantly open for traders, frequent rate fluctuations due to the regulated news background.


Our team offers 5% of the investment back. We propose to discuss the non-standard template of the platform. The pig is a symbol of this project, as well as a magnet for money and good luck. Despite this, the administrator has filled the site only with useful information for the investor and is already paying early investors.

hyip-scams - Cryptoluck.Io SCAM — Magnet For Raising Money in an Investment Portfolio

Invest in Cryptoluck.Io

Despite the fun template, the project has a full UK registration. Crypto Luck LTD company registered with 12086883 license number as private company. We also have insight on admin — he created previously profitable projects, so now every investor can easily earn on RCB requests from our investment forum.

Financial Part

According to the FAQ, user can invest via Perfect Money, Payeer, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum. An investor can open a deposit on any terms and conditions again in unlimited number of times. Minimal amount to withdraw is a high for a little bit — $1 for Perfect Money, Payeer, Litecoin, Ethereum and $10 for Bitcoin. The admin promises to process all requests for withdrawing money from the project within 5 business days.

Be careful during entering billing information and email address! On the one hand, the site administration took care of user security and prohibited users from changing their email address and billing information. But on the other hand, if the investor incorrectly enters the information in these fields, he will not be able to change it.

Cryptoluck.Io Investment Portfolios

PlanDeposit Offer
102% - 125% after 1 day
117% - 250% after 5 days
150% - 800% after 15 days$20–100,000
250% - 1800% after 30 days
VIP Offers Below
1000% After 12 Days$10,000-100,000
3000% After 25 Days$1,000-50,000

The first plan is optimal for the investment. Given that the average user earns on RCB, he needs to invest as much as possible as often as possible to get the highest profit. Admin bought ads on 7 monitors, 17 forums.

Cryptoluck.Io Affiliate Program

This HYIP also offers single level affiliate program with 5% of reward. Upline can gain a passive income with no direct investments. The investment platform prohibits multiple registrations, so user cannot have referred by himself. Anyway, the admin did this due to the fact that in this project, investors receive the main income at the expense of RCB. Rewarding for the first deposit is always the biggest, so you do not need to be greedy and try to get more than what the admin permits. Moreover, this is not his first project, and he knows exactly how to define multiple registrations.

Checklist to Verify Admin Experience With Cryptoluck.Io as an Example

An experienced investor is never 100% sure about the likelihood of obtaining a net profit from the HYIP. Another thing is if for each project it would be possible to see the portfolio of its owner — which projects opened earlier, how much profit did it give from the start. Information about the project that helps the user determine that this project is at least not the first for the admin:

  • The FAQ section answers all financial questions — the minimum amount for I / O, payment systems, partnership conditions;
  • The site is available in several languages;
  • Unique design / text / idea;
  • Unobtrusive purchase of advertisements on non-split monitors;
  • The minimum set of technical characteristics;
  • The speed of loading the site;
  • Convenient interface page login and personal account.

The more experienced the admin, the greater the chance of successful investment.

Cryptoluck.Io offers unfavorable conditions for investors — they can make a profit only through referral payments. Therefore, if the HYIP monitor with the highest percentage belongs to the owner of this project, it will be easier for the admin to control the situation with payments to users.
  • Platform based on GoldCoders licensed script and use both unique design and text.
  • DDOS-Guard hosting.
  • DDoS-protection provided by own servers.
  • PositiveSSL valid from Sectigo LTD up to July 16, 2020.
  • Promo on 7 monitors, 16 forums.
  • UK registration with #12086883 certificate number.
  • Minimal investment amount is $20.
  • Namecheap domain registrar up to May 02, 2020 year
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My way: investing in HYIP (profit) => playing in the casino (profit) => HYIP.COM So, here I am, I am ready to share with you my unique experience.

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  1. Anna

    Is this website paying. Should i invest 100$.

    • Anna

      Yes, it is paying. And it started 3 days ago, so you can receive a net profit if investing today. Anyway, be careful with HYIPs

      • Anna

        Which is the good website to invest without any fear. From your site.

        • Anna

          I recommend the investment program from our forum part:
          This is one of the few HYIPs that conducts the real activity.


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