Home » SCAM — More Income Sources, More Reserves Options SCAM — More Income Sources, More Reserves Options HYIP With a Secret Profit [From 1% After 1 Day + 8% R. C.] HYIP started on July 01, 2019. According to the site, the company owns an investment fund and has various sources of profit due to this. The project team doesn’t disclose information about a specific direction of investment. Respectively, users can independently come up with something most prohibited and unsafe, opposing the norms of morality. For example, terrorism, the supply of weapons to South Korea, the sale of people, the construction of underground tunnels between America and Mexico. We all dreamed of earning on it all this life, isn’t it? A joke, of course, but other people may think so.


We offer 8%! from any investment for using our referral link. It means every user can increase his profit up to 8% daily. Just write topic starter by the link below immediately after investment and receive this pleasure amount. Please carefully check the project status here before investing. If you see at least one status Not Paying, stop thinking about investing.

hyip-scams - SCAM — More Income Sources, More Reserves Options

Invest in

The main advantage of this project is real consultants in the chat. They are always available online and are happy to discuss project details. Only elite HYIPs can afford a real support team. We personally checked the reality of consultants, users can see screenshots of conversations in the appropriate thread on the forum.

Financial Part

Principal included for Minimal, Main, VIP plans and return for Profitable plan. User can place a deposit via Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, PerfectMoney, Payeer, Advcash. The platform provides manually withdrawals within 24 hours for cryptocurrencies like BTC, EHT, BitCash, but instantly for USD. Choosing PM and Payeer for deposit here is choosing of your success. Minimal amount to withdraw is 0.2 for USD and 0.0001 for BTC. The platform doesn’t take any fees or commissions for withdrawals.

The main role in this project is played by cryptocurrency investors. If they make a lot of deposits for a total greater amount, the platform will work longer. The admin can delay the payment of their profits up to 24 hours according to the FAQ section. We don’t claim that he wants to do this, just such a move will help to relieve the burden of high partner deductions. Investment Portfolios

PlanROIMin-Max Deposit
Minimum101% - 112% after 1 day$25–10,000
Main107% - 140% after 3 days$100–10,000
Profitable2.5% - 50% daily for 5 days$15–10,000
VIP175% - 800% after 15 days$250–10,000

As users see, Profitable plan offers a both minimal $15 amount for deposit and greater daily profit than both Main and Minimal plans.  But never forget about affiliate rewards, which open opportunities to expand investors’ profit! If user invests 1 time on Profitable plan, he will receive only 12.5% of the net profit + 8% of RCB (only 20.5%). But if investor deposit 5 times on Minimum plan, he will receive 5% of the net profit + 45% of RCB, or 50% totally. The choice of the investment plan is obvious — we have invested $25 on the Minimum plan.

Admins of such HYIPs usually need to buy more than 10 monitors to provide a large flow of investors and platform success. This HYIP has 15 monitors. Affiliate Program

All registered users can find here single-level affiliate program with 8%! rewards. They don’t need an active investment to receive this extra. The standard places for attracting potential investors to the project are specialized forums, all social networks, targeted advertising.

Summary HYIP offers average prepared investment offers. We hope to make a profit within a week, but a high percentage of partnerships can reduce this term to 3-4 days.
  • The website works on licensed GoldCoders script.
  • HYIP has unique design.
  • GeniusGuard hosting.
  • Easy-GEO-DNS DDoS-protection.
  • PositiveSSL from Sectigo LTD up to June 28, 2020.
  • Promo on 15 monitors, 8 forums, 2 blogs.
  • Live support chat.
  • Project’s team doesn’t create a unique text for their platform.
  • Namecheap domain registrar up to June 27, 2020 year.
  • Minimal investment amount is $25.
  • No UK registration.
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My way: investing in HYIP (profit) => playing in the casino (profit) => HYIP.COM So, here I am, I am ready to share with you my unique experience.

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