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Billionaires’ First Jobs

Right from today, it is within your power to begin the movement to financial independence. The incredible success stories of many millionaires prove that the path to prosperity is entirely up to you.
be-in-the-loop - Billionaires' First Jobs

Right from today, it is within your power to begin the movement to financial independence. The incredible success stories of many millionaires prove that the path to prosperity is entirely up to you.

Pope Francis Worked as a Bouncer in a Nightclub

be-in-the-loop - Billionaires' First Jobs

Before Jorge Mario Bergoglio became a Jesuit priest, archbishop of Buenos Aires, cardinal and, finally, pope, he managed to try himself in many areas. According to the Catholic News Service, in his youth, the pontiff conducted experiments in a chemical laboratory, swept the floors and worked as a bouncer at a Buenos Aires nightclub.

be-in-the-loop - Billionaires' First Jobs

Donald Trump was Collecting Soda Bottles

be-in-the-loop - Billionaires' First Jobs

The president of the United States grew up in a wealthy family, but his father wanted children to learn what labor is from an early age. He forced them to collect soda bottles and take them to collection points. Earning a lot of money on this, of course, was impossible, but Donald Trump himself admits that this work taught him the right attitude to money. 

Jeff Bezos Grilled Burgers at McDonald's

be-in-the-loop - Billionaires' First Jobs

The founder and CEO of the Amazon online store got his first job at McDonald’s. This is stated in the Golden Opportunity book: Great Careers That Started at McDonald’s. Bezos recalls: “The most difficult thing was to maintain a working pace during rush hour. The manager in my restaurant was an excellent guy. He had a lot of teenagers working, but he was able to maintain our work mood while maintaining an atmosphere of fun.”

Richard Branson Raised Birds and Worked as an Arborist

be-in-the-loop - Billionaires' First Jobs

Branson, the billionaire founder of the Virgin Group, has been working for himself since childhood. At 11 years old, along with his friend Nick Powell, he began to breed parrots to sell to classmates. But the birds multiplied faster than the boys had time to sell them, so it was decided to try their hand in another field. Friends bought a site with young fir trees, hoping to resell them profitably on Christmas when the trees grow. However, the rabbits destroyed the landing.

Warren Buffett was Delivering Newspapers

be-in-the-loop - Billionaires' First Jobs

Since childhood, the head of the conglomerate the Berkshire Hathaway conglomerate has been obsessed with investment. Today, his fortune is estimated at $ 61.2 billion. At 13 years old, Buffett was delivering The Washington Post newspapers. At the same age, he invested $ 1.2 thousand in personal savings in 16 hectares of agricultural land.

Oprah Winfrey Worked at the Grocery Store

be-in-the-loop - Billionaires' First Jobs

Winfrey’s media empire made her the first black woman billionaire. According to Forbes, today her fortune exceeds $ 3 billion. But her childhood was not easy. Living with her father in Nashville, she worked at a grocery store next to her father’s barber shop.

Madeleine Albright was Selling Bras

be-in-the-loop - Billionaires' First Jobs

Albright became the first female US Secretary of State, working under the direction of Bill Clinton. Her family moved to the United States from Czechoslovakia, having received the status of political refugees. Albright got her first job at one of Denver’s supermarkets: she was a seller of bras. According to her, the salary was minimal, but this experience helped her learn how to communicate with people in difficult situations.

Charles Schwab was Selling Walnuts and Chickens

be-in-the-loop - Billionaires' First Jobs

The fortune of the founder of the Charles Schwab Corporation brokerage and banking firm is estimated at $ 6 billion. Schwab grew up in a rather wealthy family in Sacramento but always wanted to earn money on his own. As a child, he collected and sold walnuts, and also raised chickens in the backyard. 

What is interesting to note about the careers of these billionaires is that they discovered their passion at an early age, be it technology, investing, fashion or film, proving that following your passion can pay, in the billions if you’re tenacious enough. 

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