Home » SCAM — The Whole Lie About Passive Earnings on Crypto SCAM — The Whole Lie About Passive Earnings on Crypto HYIP — Auto CryptoTrading For Passive Profit [1.08% for 96 hours + 3-10% R. C.] HYIP had been working since August 09, 2019. According to the site, 11759443 Hourxo LTD company has cryptocurrency mining equipment. The platform team also trades in the Forex market. Trading is 100% automated and doesn’t require the attention of either users or administration. They offer users to make an investment and receive passive income.


We can return from 3% up to 10% from every deposit. Our investors need only place a request by the link below. They fast receive RCB to their internal account. Write down what criteria for choosing a quality HYIP with hourly payouts you use. For example, I check that the total daily interest doesn’t exceed 4%, that the project has a unique template, an adequate site, SSL protection (free of charge). This project combined all the criteria necessary for me, so I chose it for a free listing. Of course, we could invest in the project if it didn’t have one of the above chars, but then it would be pure gambling.

hyip-scams - SCAM — The Whole Lie About Passive Earnings on Crypto

Invest in

Hourxo is a mid-interest project with hourly accruals. It also has official registration in the UK under the number 11759443. In general, the preparation of the project at an adequate level. The admin provides financial statistics of deposits and withdrawal, which is updated in real time.

Financial Part

The HYIP accepts PerfectMoney USD, Payeer USD, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin SV, Litecoin, Ethereum. The minimum deposit amount is only $5. Principal included in accruals. Minimal amount to withdraw is also very low — $0.1. The HYIP provides instant withdrawals.

In this project, it is interesting to watch RCB offers — all monitors firstly offer a high reward for a deposit, and later lower the cost of the offer. At this time, another monitor raises the RCB amount for the first deposit. The HYIP administrator creates such images as attractive opportunities for new investors, allowing them to participate on an equal level with early participants.

Be careful when filling of the payment wallet info. The user cannot change this information on his own, only through the support request. We know how long such applications have been processed in practice. But the user can recover the forgotten password in automatic mode. Investment Portfolios

PlanMin-Max Deposit
1.08% - 1.5% hourly for 96 hours$5–500–5,000
5% - 8% hourly for 48 hours$300–2,000–30,000
18% - 25% hourly for 24 hours$1,000–5,000–300,000

All plans overlap in the amount of the deposit. For example, if an investor wants to open a deposit in the amount of $1,000, then he can choose any of the plans, but the last will be the most profitable in this case. Naturally, investors of third plan may not receive payments at all, so I recommend the first or second plan. According to instant payments, if an investor opens a deposit of $200, he could withdraw $0.216 hourly and get a net profit of $7.36 after 96 hours from deposit.

The project appeared on monitors on the second day after launch. The Hourxo has added on 27 monitors, 14 forums, 6 blogs. Affiliate Program

Uplines receive 3-10% from the referral’s deposits. The program offers only one banner. The user can take the link from the banner code and use it. In this case, the platform will still pay affiliate rewards. The administration prohibits multi-registration, so users shouldn’t try to get more benefits by registering using their own referral link — they can get a ban and blocking deposits.

Summary HYIP offers hourly payouts, but if you multiply the lowest interest rate by an appropriate period of 96 hours, and also pick up principal, it turns out that the investor receives only 3.68% for 4 calendar days or 0.92% daily. Investors of this platform participate in the mid-interest project, which will relatively stabilize closer to the autumn.
  • Minimal investment amount is only $5.
  • UK registration with 11759443 license number.
  • Platform based on unique both script and design.
  • GoDaddy hosting.
  • DDoS-protection.
  • EssentialSSL from Sectigo LTD up to June 19, 2020.
  • eNom domain registrar up to March 31, 2020.
  • Promo on 27 monitors, 14 forums, 6 blogs.
  • The site doesn’t have a separate personal account and main page. These parts inseparable when entering the investor part of the platform, so for several days it will be difficult for the user to get used to the interface.
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My way: investing in HYIP (profit) => playing in the casino (profit) => HYIP.COM So, here I am, I am ready to share with you my unique experience.

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