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The Weirdest Hobbies and Crazy Habits of Tech Celebs

We often think that billionaires are people from other planets who have succeeded thanks to a favorable coincidence of circumstances, talent, occasional meeting, etc. In fact, there is nothing mystical in their achievements — they are just ordinary people, sometimes with strange habits and complex character. We cite the example of billionaires, who impress everyone with their unusual deeds from time to time.
be-in-the-loop - The Weirdest Hobbies and Crazy Habits of Tech Celebs

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak has joined the team of investment-focused crypto startup Equi Capital, which aims to help both retail and professional investors purchase equity in companies in an effort to replace traditional investing firms. Wozniak did not provide details on what his role would be at the startup.

Mark Zuckerberg

be-in-the-loop - The Weirdest Hobbies and Crazy Habits of Tech Celebs

• The behavior of Mark sometimes provokes more questions than answers. Being prone to an ascetic lifestyle, in 2013, he has built four mansions around his home. It is unlikely that he was attracted to a luxurious way of life; it’s just Zuckerberg heard gossips that some entrepreneurs are going to buy a block near his home. Moreover, they want to demolish several buildings and build on this place a villa with an overwhelming price. Obviously, Mark was not happy about this news, and he decided to intercept the purchase — that’s how to deal with unwanted neighbors.

be-in-the-loop - The Weirdest Hobbies and Crazy Habits of Tech Celebs

• It is hard not to notice that Mark likes to take part in different challenges — once he decided to learn Chinese, another time he decided to visit all the states of America. There is nothing unusual if we will not mention the challenge, which was thought up by himself — to eat only the food that was killed with his own hands. When the CEO of Twitter (Jack Dorsey) came to Zuckerberg for dinner, he told him that the guests would also eat a goat killed by him. Actually, that evening Dorsey has eaten only a salad.

John McAfee

be-in-the-loop - The Weirdest Hobbies and Crazy Habits of Tech Celebs

• The biography of the American billionaire can be transformed into a plot of the Hollywood movie. The developer of the antivirus, which has the same name, at the very beginning of his IT-path has secured strong support for alcohol and forbidden substance matters. Being freedom-loving by inclination, he decided to take seven women with him (apparently easy virtue women) when moving to Central America. Things were not going well there and John decided that everyone was spying on him. Paranoia drove him out of his mind until his neighbor was found shot. Without any evidence, no confessions, the police could release him, but he himself escaped to another country. The police caught him there and extradited back to the United States.

• And this was not the end: in the McAfee’s harem, they found a chemical laboratory, which was presented by him as a site for the study of medicinal herbs of the jungle. The police decided that the programmer has massively manufactured psychotropic substance matters for sale via the Internet. Nevertheless, the test did not reveal any qualities of substance matters that would give reason to bring John to justice. 

Bill Gates

be-in-the-loop - The Weirdest Hobbies and Crazy Habits of Tech Celebs

• Despite the fact that this man is terribly rich, his children did not win so much (relatively). Leaving 10 million dollars inheritance to each of them, the billionaire is confident that the children must achieve everything only themselves, and not rely on money.

• Bill cannot live without a diet Coca-Cola. Several years ago, he admitted that he was drinking 3-4 cans of this beverage during the working day and could utilize 15 kg of aluminum a year.

• There is one thing in which it is easy to beat Gates – he does not know any foreign language. According to him, this is the biggest omission in his life.

• But the fact that Bill knows the number plates of all his employees shall ring alarm bells. More precisely, he knew — at the beginning of the establishment of the Microsoft Empire, he monitored the subordinates constantly. All the time he went out to the parking lot and checked who was arriving and departing and when it was.

Steve Jobs

be-in-the-loop - The Weirdest Hobbies and Crazy Habits of Tech Celebs

• The unusual habits of the Apple founder impressed everyone. He was a pescetarian, that is, he ate fish, but did not eat meat. Raw foodism and fruitarianism have also been popular practices in his life. From time to time, Jobs fasted to feel euphoria (this effect is called ketosis). Care must be taken — this method can be dangerous to health.

• Jobs claimed that the vegan diet allows him to go without a shower and deodorant. It is interesting, what kind of thoughts about it had his employees.

• He was very fond of dressing laconically and never spent much time upgrading the wardrobe. Jeans, polo neck, and sneakers are the standard look of Jobs. Once he asked the Japanese designer Miyake to sew him a new polo neck to be enough for several years. The designer could not withstand this and have sewed him a hundred of such polo necks. They were enough for all life. 

Tim Cook

be-in-the-loop - The Weirdest Hobbies and Crazy Habits of Tech Celebs

• Maybe, at least an example of billionaires can inspire us to lead a healthy lifestyle. The Apple CEO, for instance, wakes up at 3:45 am daily (or every night). Before going to the office, Cook checks the mail, writes letters to the subordinates and is engaged in the gym. Such discipline can only be envied.

Charlie Ergen

be-in-the-loop - The Weirdest Hobbies and Crazy Habits of Tech Celebs
  • The Head of Dish Networks is a terribly thrifty billionaire. He never spends money on delicacies, for example. Every day he brings a sandwich from the house to work. Ergen never flies in the first class and buys used furniture for the office.
  • In professional circles, restraint and severity are characteristic of Ergen. Being an aggressive and unpredictable entrepreneur, he controlled every step of his subordinates. Every day, he scanned their fingerprints to monitor when they came to work. If a person was late for a few minutes, Ergen could make a demonstrational scandal and scream at him in public.

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