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What is Investing in Plain English

be-in-the-loop - What is Investing in Plain English

Many people believe that investing is very difficult. Large sums, emotions, brokers, unclear future. In fact, any term and phenomenon, even a very complex, has a simple explanation. To better understand what investment is, let’s compare it with the things that we know well. Here are some examples: 

Financial planning is like designing a bridge. You do not need to calculate the load that the bridge will be able to withstand to the nearest gram: it is enough just to exclude the possibility that it will collapse under the undue weight.

be-in-the-loop - What is Investing in Plain English

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Asset management is like a policy. You spend more time raising funds than actually working for the benefit of clients/voters. Compound interest is like growing oak trees. In one day, nothing will happen, in a few years the results will be modest, in 10 years the progress will be noticeable, and in half a century you will create something absolutely amazing.

Investing is like math. Your imagination tries to be impressed with complex designs, but in fact, simple, elegant solutions are really effective.

Learning to invest is like being drunk. Self-confidence is ahead of real skills, and it will be so until you stop and start everything anew, giving yourself a lesson to learn from your mistakes.

be-in-the-loop - What is Investing in Plain English

Markets are like biology. Everything is constantly changing, but evolution happens so slowly that it seems to people that everything has always been as it is now.

Derivatives are like Gucci handbags. They have a practical application, but for the most part, it is just an attempt to impress others, leading to enrichment of sellers and intermediaries.

Securities trading is like smoking. It is amazing that anyone can do this, while, for example, manicurists need a certificate.

Investing is like flying on a plane. As one pilot said: “My job is long hours of deadly boredom, followed by seconds of deadly horror.”

Managing personal finances is like taking care of your health. There are no “right” decisions. Some people deliberately refuse treatment/investment, which others insist on because each person has his own goals, priorities and willingness to take risks.

The economy is like the weather. We can measure a lot of indicators and, as a rule, we have a good idea of ​​what will happen next, but sometimes the future refuses all our predictions, and things happen that have never happened before. This happens precisely when a lot of things depend on the correct forecast.

Investing is like flu. We know how to solve these or other problems, but since the virus is constantly evolving and mutates, we have to adjust our thinking every year to new realities.

Deep bear markets and economic depressions are like world wars. They occur so seldom that we cannot predict on the basis of their analysis how events will develop in the future. We have too little data.

A capital increase is like golf, where the harder you hit the ball, the farther the hole moves.

Choosing promotions is like playing volleyball. No one manages to score points in each attack, and you can become the greatest player in history, just managing to all the balls flying in your direction, and throwing them through the net.

Wall Street is like Las Vegas. But here, they wear expensive ties, and there is no free drink.

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