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What the Future Holds for Automotive Industry

Technologies are constantly evolving and entering all areas of our lives, from home gadgets to space rockets. We are witnessing how a huge number of ideas turn into something real. Today we look at the automotive industry — one of the most progressive areas — and try to imagine what the cars will be in the not too distant future.
be-in-the-loop - What the Future Holds for Automotive Industry

Today we look at the automotive industry — one of the most progressive areas — and try to imagine what the cars will be in in the not too distant future.

Even nowadays, car manufacturers pay high attention to efficiency, convenience, manageability, as well as to environmental friendliness of products. The emergence of electric vehicles that are charged from a conventional electrical grid has become a logical step towards more environmentally friendly cars. Until recently, we could only imagine electric vehicles, the technology of their mass production was not developed enough. However, since 2010, the situation has changed: electric cars have ceased to be fiction and turned into something much more tangible.

be-in-the-loop - What the Future Holds for Automotive Industry

Tesla, Inc was the first in the world to start producing electric vehicles with liquid-cooled batteries. This allowed not only heating the interior without extra energy, but also quickly charging and discharging batteries without overheating.

be-in-the-loop - What the Future Holds for Automotive Industry

Currently, in terms of sales, Model S and Model 3 Tesla has already outpaced such eminent manufacturers as Jaguar and Porsche.

The main problem of electric vehicles is their high cost compared to gasoline and diesel analogues. If gasoline cars are banned all over the world, manufacturers will have no choice but to make electric cars accessible to the mass consumer, regardless of their income level.

Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality

Can you imagine a driverless car? The Volkswagen group has a whole line of I.D. of such electric cars of the future, consisting of four concepts, ranging from a compact model and ending with a small bus. The most interesting is I.D.Vizzion — according to the developers, it opens new horizons for environmental friendliness, safety and comfort.

The driver in this case does not control the car, but only sets the route in the navigation system. Control of various functions is carried out with the help of artificial intelligence, voice commands and gestures. The model is expected to appear in the market by 2022.

Self-driving cars

In 2017, Audi introduced the concept of  self-driving Audi Aicon. The company plans to launch it in mass production by 2030.

It is a squat sedan with a futuristic design. Inside, it looks like a living room. The salon is designed for four people. there is no steering wheel and pedals in the car; the screen of the multimedia system is inserted entirely into the front panel. The estimated power reserve per charge is 700−800 km.

be-in-the-loop - What the Future Holds for Automotive Industry

“Aicon will be a pioneer for the mastering the most difficult challenges in the field of autonomous driving. The technology offers you the best chances to avoid accidents, because all those cars will be able to detect possible collisions before they happen — by far better than any human driver. And a car like the Aicon will never get tired, as a human driver does,” official Audi spokesman Josef Schlossmacher told. 

Global Car Market Trends

According to IMF economists’ research, 90 percent of cars on the road in developed countries could be electric by about 2040.

This situation will lead to the emergence of new unique trends. When cars are completely unmanned, it makes no sense to buy them and maintain. Uber, Lyft and other companies are already giving everyone the opportunity to use the car without purchasing it and maintaining. This trend is called “passenger economy”. Capital Markets and Accounting Advisory Services (CmaaS) is expected to become the largest market segment in 20 years’ time.

be-in-the-loop - What the Future Holds for Automotive Industry

Currently, Google is actively developing relevant software, in parallel entering into partnership agreements with traditional automakers. Volkswagen plans to create a single platform, combining it with its own service vw.OS: the company notes that such software is easier to maintain and update. Tesla is also working on a similar model.

Chase 2053 Concept Airplane-Car

Chase 2053 concept airplane-car, which runs on both land and air has all the chances to become real. Designer Thomas Larson Roed sure that his idea will be realized relatively soon — as the name implies, the futuristic car is expected in 2053.

be-in-the-loop - What the Future Holds for Automotive Industry

The base of Chase 2053 is a dynamic casing with carbon nanotubes, which make it tough and resistant to any damage. The concept is equipped with a hydrogen engine that drives a three-wheeled car without any emissions. In addition to these fantastic features, the concept says goodbye to fixed tools, which significantly reduces the weight of the car. 

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