Home » SCAM — Profit Coverage of Cryptoarbitrage Needs SCAM — Profit Coverage of Cryptoarbitrage Needs HYIP — Cryptocurrency Arbitrage [1.2% - 2.2% DAILY FOR 10 DAYS + 3-2-1% RC] HYIP had been working since December 20, 2018 as a sleeper. Firstly, it proposes a single investment offer with a limit on the maximum possible deposit amount. The platform received new both template and offers on August 30, 2019. According to the site, the Eostrade team includes only experienced cryptoenthusiasts. They earned money in all areas of the cryptocurrency industry — mining, trading, ICO, arbitrage. The latter area provides a minimum period for freezing investment capital and minimal risks, which is why in 2018 a team of experienced traders created this company.


We return from 3% to 10% of each of user’s deposits, depending on the chosen plan. We mainly recommend the ULTRA LIGHT offer, the return rate on it is 3%. You can read the detailed information in the Affiliate Program section.

hyip-scams - SCAM — Profit Coverage of Cryptoarbitrage Needs

Invest in

Eostrade company is registered in the UK with license number 12019480. According to the site, the project team complies with the law — they even added a disclaimer in the FAQ in case of financial loss of the investor.

Financial Part

The HYIP accepts Perfect Money, Payeer, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Dash, Ripple, EOS. Principal include only for AFTER VIP, VIP PLUS, VIP PRO. Minimal amount to withdraw is no limited. The platform provides manual processing of withdrawal requests up to 72 hours. The platform doesn’t take a commission for financial transactions, but the user must pay to a payment system when transferring money to another account — when added deposit for the investment plan. The admin also doesn’t limit investors in the amount and quantity of daily withdrawals — they can create requests for withdrawal just if they have no zero- balance.

Optimal Offer For Investment

I recommend the ULTRA LIGHT 1.2% – 2.2% DAILY FOR 10 DAYS plan for deposit. For example, a user invests $200. He will receive $2.4 over the next 10 calendar days. His net profit could be $24 and $200 of principal back on his account at the end of the term. Investment Portfolios

PlanOfferMin-Max Deposit
ULTRA LIGHT1.2% - 2.2% DAILY FOR 10 DAYS$20 - $100000
LIGHT1.4% - 2.6% DAILY FOR 20 DAYS$20 - $100,000
CLASSIC1.6% - 3.0% DAILY FOR 30 DAYS$20 - $100,000
AFTER VIP1000% AFTER 30 DAYS$20,000 - $100,000
VIP PLUS910% AFTER 20 DAYS$20,000 - $100,000
VIP PRO710% AFTER 10 DAYS$20,000 - $100,000

The admin started buying advertising spots every month from the launch of the platform, but most of the places on the monitors — after rebranding. Now the Eostrade has added on 20 forums, 17 blogs, 39 monitors. It looks as admin received a lot of deposits and reinvest this amount to a promotion. Affiliate Program

A member of the platform must not have an active deposit to receive an affiliate reward. Admin provides a multi-level affiliate program based on plan that referral chosen:

  • ULTRA LIGHT — 3% – 2% – 1%;
  • LIGHT — 4% – 2% – 1%;
  • CLASSIC — 5% – 2% – 1%;
  • AFTER VIP — 10% – 2% – 1%;
  • VIP PLUS — 9% – 2% – 1%;
  • VIP PRO — 8% – 2% – 1%.

Free spots in all investment forums are occupied with advertising of this project. Uplines can hold webinars among their followers, use social media, send out personal invitations via e-mail, and finally open their own blog. The admin doesn’t limit advertising methods and means — he allows even motivated traffic. The only thing member can’t do here is to create more than one account — the admin can freeze money on all multi-accounts in this case.

Summary HYIP worked for a relatively short time as a sleeper. On the other hand, the results of its work within a month after the rebranding are impressive — investors could get about 150% of net profit and participate in the project with the money that they earned here. At the same time, the admin constantly bought ads — all HYIP industry investors give alerts about the platform. It looks like an experienced admin creates a successful HYIP now.
  • GoldCoders licensed script.
  • Cloudflare hosting.
  • Cloudflare DDoS-protection.
  • Unique both text and design.
  • EV SSL from DigiCert up to June 05, 2020.
  • Promo on 20 forums, 17 blogs, 39 monitors
  • Platform provides manual payments up to 72 hours.
  • Minimal deposit is $20.
  • NameCheap domain registrar up to December 2019.
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My way: investing in HYIP (profit) => playing in the casino (profit) => HYIP.COM So, here I am, I am ready to share with you my unique experience.

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