Home » SCAM — Distribution of Income From Advertisers SCAM — Distribution of Income From Advertisers HYIP — Motivated Advertising View [0.27% Daily + 10-50% RC] has been operating since March 19, 2019. It is a platform where anyone can place ads or make money by viewing the ads of other members. The creators of the project promise advertisers more leads, sales and profits if their customers are interested in a home based business. Users who register here to earn money can receive ASIMI tokens for view ads. New tokens are created at the time of viewing ads. The owner of the project called this system revolutionary. Indeed, users set their own price for the sale of ASIMI, which advertisers need to buy new ads. Right now, I plan to check the effectiveness and transparency of this platform, and also find out all the administration benefits.


One of the cryptoenthusiasts of our forum has been following this project from the start. He published a thread where he collected all the FAQ — how to buy tokens, how much user can earn, how this process is going on. He also invested in this platform and shared profit reports.

hyip-scams - SCAM — Distribution of Income From Advertisers

Invest in

The platform shares the profit received from advertisers between investors. Users receive approximately 0.27% daily + a limited amount of paid advertising. The user can sell ASIMI tokens at any time.

If I Was an Advertiser

I want to try advertising one of perspective paying HYIPs. I took two kind of banners, and it got moderated by the owners of the project. I can also check how quickly their admin check advertisers.

Advertising — Campaign Setup — Banner Ad Setup

The platform provides 2,000 free banner ad impressions. My ads were checked for hours. With 2000 banner impressions — 0 clicks. Advertising efficiency for the HYIP industry is 0%.

Be careful! They don’t promote of hate, racism, politics, drugs, alcohol, gambling, pornography, scam, spam, or anything else we deem to be unethical, hurtful or dishonest.

If I Wanted To Make Money

Up to the official launch, users could join the project for free. Now the user has to stake at least 1 ASIMI in his wallet to be able to view ads for earnings. More ASIMI tokens in the wallet mean higher ad revenue. I can sell these tokens at any time through Waves Exchange.

Every day I will receive approximately 0.27% of Staking. For example, if I have 1000 ASIMI, so I will receive 2.7 ASIMI + advertising revenue + login bonuses daily.

The platform allows users to receive only 17,438 ASIMI per viewing ad every day.

They added FREE opportunity to earn on the advertising! Just click in View V2E on upper right and view ads.

How to Register on the Platform

First of all, Hashingadspace doesn’t support direct registrations. User should only follow the referral link to have access to the platform. As a last resort, he can arrange support to send him an admin’s link.

Registration time: 3 minutes + 1 minute for email verification.

After the first login, the system immediately showed me free advertising. After watching it, I got the opportunity to switch to Dashboard. Further, the system suggested filling out a profile — First / Last name, Country, Secondary Pin. After that, the system redirected me to Dashboard.

Affiliate Program

The platform offers a 10-50% affiliate reward for the purchase of various advertising. The project owners provide many landing options separately to attract advertisers, separately to attract investors. Our team returns the full amount of the received partner rewards to the internal balance of the investment forum.

Summary HYIP offers 8.1% monthly income on the amount of purchased ASIMI tokens. Investors left a lot of reviews about this platform, but I have not seen fresh Payment Proofs for a long time. But investors can sell ASIMI tokens on the day of their purchase, so the risks of non-refund are minimal.
  • A new way to the sharing of profits between investors.
  • Inefficiency of some types of advertising.
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My way: investing in HYIP (profit) => playing in the casino (profit) => HYIP.COM So, here I am, I am ready to share with you my unique experience.

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