Home » SCAM — Unique Crypto Game with Passive Income SCAM — Unique Crypto Game with Passive Income HYIP had been working since September 05, 2019 after 12:00 (GMT 0). LastPixel is a unique cryptogame where each user can receive passive income in ETH. Players paint pixels on the picture online. The cost of one staining is approximately 0.05 ETH now, but the price is slowly and steadily increasing. Users are available 8 colors, 49 pixels for coloring and several ways to make a profit. Investor can find below step-by-step strategies for both active and passive income from this platform, as well as why they will work. A verified smart contract on which it works provides the honesty of this platform.


A pair of unique offers for users of the forum! Older users with an account age of 2 months or more can get 0.1 ETH for the game for free. New users (you can register right now) can return the amount for 10 colored pixels to their ETH wallets. Read the detailed conditions at the link below and be sure to participate.

hyip-scams - SCAM — Unique Crypto Game with Passive Income

The platform was launched a few days ago, which means that now is the perfect time for investment. Investors will receive passive income from each pixel painted after them in the same color or at the same position. The project owner begins to actively advertise the platform, which means that new investors will appear there. Read my strategy below, register by this link, order a 5% instant return on your deposit and enjoy passive income until the interest in this platform dies away.

Financial Part

User can create investment via Perfect Money, Payeer, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum. Неожиданно, principal included for all offers. So, the investor cannot only receive payback at 50 days, but he also can receive the principal back at the end of the deposit.

Minimal amount to withdraw is $0.1, so referrals need to invest about $15 for upline’s immediately request withdraw. Platform processed withdrawal requests within a few seconds or instantly. We didn’t find information about the minimum withdrawal amount in the most important section of the project — the FAQ section. This means that the project was not prepared at all in terms of both design and text.

Our team has chosen and recommends Standard plan for deposit. According to the project preparation, multiple investments on Medium or Premium plans can destroy this one. Admin is clearly from Russia or other nearby countries — he didn’t even order the correction of the text that is displayed when withdrawing money to an external wallet.

Strategy For A Profitable Game

The main strategy for the profitable game — get rewards or dividends. Users can see these earnings in the leaderboard at the left of the game. After any of his paint, he will start to get rewards from all the players after him, and he can withdraw these earnings at any moment without any limits. Here placed the calculations of rewards for the first player in the message at the beginning.

Some ways to receive a profit:

  • Color bank — if the amount in the bank exceeds the cost of 15 colored pixels and it remains to paint only 15 pixels in one color in the picture — do it and pick up the bank;
  • Time Bank — I think you can use the FireFox script for this — if the value of wins after is less than or equal to 1 minute, and the wallet value is not equal to yours, then paint over any pixel in the picture. The user should only replenish the account by 1-2 ETH, run the script and wait;
  • Lucky Pot — I think it’s impossible to win here specifically. How to Get Profit

PlanPrice, ETH*Potential reward, ETH*How to Receive
Coloring any pixel with a specific color0.00576Accruing income according to a complex formula every time someone paints a pixel in a picture with the same color
Coloring a specific pixel with any color0.00576Accruing income using a complex formula every time someone paints this pixel in a picture with any color
Time bank0.005762.60465Fill any pixel in the picture and wait 20 minutes so that no one fills any pixel again
Color bank0.005760.20672Fill all pixels on the area with one color
Lucky Pot0.005760.072Lottery, and its ticket is to paint over any pixel with any color

*The amount may increase or decrease depending on the conditions of the game. I used the current data for this chart.

The owner of the platform focuses on cryptoenthusiasts, which actively discuss LastPixel on the bitcointalk. Affiliate Program

Uplines can receive 5% from each paint of its referral. Money from referrals automatically transfers to ETH-account.

Summary HYIP is a unique crypto game, in which players are always interested in coloring pixels for money. The user can spend a minimum of 0.05 ETH to color 8 different pixels with different colors and receive a constant passive income.
  • Smart contract verified by SmartDec.
  • The owners of the project maintain a constant interest among the players.
  • The platform takes away only 5% of the commission.
  • Free SSL from Let's Encrypt up to October 30, 2019.
  • The platform have the chat inside the game - it's in the left bottom corner.
  • Admin is actively working with youtube bloggers to promote the game.
  • A long wait for a bonus from the project representative.
  • Miss of advertising on many HYIP monitors that could bring new investors into the game.
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My way: investing in HYIP (profit) => playing in the casino (profit) => HYIP.COM So, here I am, I am ready to share with you my unique experience.

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