Home » HYIP — Investments in the International Energy Network HYIP — Investments in the International Energy Network HYIP — Green Energy Redistribution Income [3.5–7% Daily Forever + 10% From Ref. Profit] HYIP had been working since September 09, 2019. According to the site, Solenix team wants to provide affordable electricity to all regions of the world that lack it. Germany recently paid to population for intensive use of electricity to prevent congestion in the networks. The company’s technology is a neural network that takes electricity from regions like Germany and redirects it to regions where is not enough electricity to meet the needs of the population. Money comes from both for getting deliverance of excess electricity on the one hand and for receiving it on the other side.


Our team returns 100% of the received referral income back. Your profit depends only on the amount of time your deposit opened on the platform. Send screenshots of the input and output of the investment.

hyip-scams - HYIP — Investments in the International Energy Network

Invest in

Solenix give offers where experienced investors will claim the principal every day to generate high RCB. New investors will keep on their entire investment pyramid due to the fact that they often refuse RCB.

Financial Part

The HYIP accepts Perfect Money, Payeer, Bitcoin, Ethereum. Minimal amount to withdraw accruals is $0.1 and $1 to withdraw principal. The user can withdraw principal at any time. The investor must also pay 10% of the amount, if he wants to withdraw principal. He doesn’t pay commission when he withdraws only accruals. Here is manual processing of requests up to 72 hours. I recommend to use only fiat currency systems for faster receiving a net profit. Affiliate Program

Uplines can receive 10% of the referral’s profit, not from the deposit’s amount. Their profit depends on the amount of time the investment is placed on the platform. As soon as the investor closes the deposit and withdraws the full amount from principal, the upline no longer receives accruals for it. Investment Portfolios

PlanMin-Max Deposit
3.5 – 7%, depending on the daily income of the company$5 – no limited

For example, an investor opened a $200 deposit. He will receive from $7 to $14 dollars daily with hourly accruals from $0.29 to $0.58.

If he is our investor, he can receive a bonus after claiming the investment from the project. For example, a $200 deposit was opened within 10 days, and the investor received $100, after which he withdrew the deposit from the project. We will pay an additional 10% of this amount, that is $10. He should only send us confirmation of the input and output of the investment.

The Solenix has added on 18 monitors, 5 forums, 4 blogs.

Strategies For Investing In A Project

Now I see only 2 ways to get a net profit from the project and 1 option as it cannot be done.

The guide for enemies. The investor treats the project as if it will work forever. He invests, for example, $200 and withdraws only the interest received. It doesn’t matter if he does it hourly, daily or once a month — he will receive a loss in case of scam.

The guide for friends, less risky. The user opens a $200 deposit, orders an RCB, and withdraws principal from the project. Minimum risk.

Another guide for friends. The same as the previous one, but the user remains 10% of principal on deposit. Interest will be accrued on this amount, and the user will withdraw it. According to the statistics of deposits, where you can see amounts up to $1,000, some investors follow to these strategies.

Despite the fact that the last two options are many times better than the original — they are also risky due to manual withdrawals. If the project provides instant payments, it would be 99% safe for investment.

Summary HYIP offers fast plans. The user doesn’t have to keep his money on deposit for a long time here, otherwise, he risks losing his principal. He can check payments from the project, make an investment, get RCB, pick up the principal. This is one way to get a net profit here.
  • A unique both script and template.
  • Cloudflare hosting.
  • Cloudflare DDoS-protection.
  • EV SSL from DigiCert up to September 03, 2020
  • NameCheap domain registrar up to 2021
  • Promo on 15 monitors, 5 forums, 3 blogs
  • Minimal deposit is only $5.
  • Platform provides manual payments.
  • Affiliate reward formed by the referral profit.
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My way: investing in HYIP (profit) => playing in the casino (profit) => HYIP.COM So, here I am, I am ready to share with you my unique experience.

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