Home » HYIP — Powerful Mining in Two Data Centers HYIP — Powerful Mining in Two Data Centers HYIP — Mining on Both ASICs and CPU [104–140% After 1 Day + 5% R. C.] HYIP had been working since September 04, 2019. In countries with cheap electricity, there are huge centers for cloud mining of cryptocurrencies. Owners rent basements or hangars and buy equipment with investor money, install cameras for round-the-clock monitoring of the operation of ASICs and GPUs. According to the website, Streambit LTD is a such cloud mining company but with a unique platform and UK registration. I’m not really understand how it collect about $18,000 for three days without any evidence of real activity, but this fact deserves a second place in our top-10 investment projects.


The team of our forum returns 5% of the deposit of our referrals back to the internal account of the forum. Just leave a request to the thread’s author.

hyip-scams - HYIP — Powerful Mining in Two Data Centers

I suggest discussing a unique project template. As you noticed, the admin ordered creative development. At the same time, the platform has links to non-existent pages on social networks, incorrect information about investment plans, and not an ideal FAQ. How did this HYIP get so much investor attention in this situation?

Invest in

Streambit LTD is a UK registered company with a license number 12113939. They provide link to verify the certificate. We used an independent source to verify the certificate. According to any of these sources and Streambit is indeed registered at such a number.

Financial Part

The HYIP accepts Perfect Money, Payeer, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Dogecoin and Ethereum. When fast HYIP admins add cryptocurrency payment systems simultaneously with Perfect Money and Payeer, I see this as a mockery of investors. In such projects, the speed of sending and receiving payment is important, for which cryptocurrency is not suitable. I would choose Payeer because of the more convenient program interface and low commission compared to unverified Perfect Money users. In addition, Payeer sends notifications to the mail about each transfer to the balance, which can be used to publish payment proofs.

Principal included in accrual. Minimum amount to withdraw is only $0.1, so unlimited in fact. Platform provides manual payments within 48 hours. Affiliate Program

Uplines immediately receive 5% from the referral’s deposits in their Streambit accounts. They don’t need an active deposit. There are many banners for promo. Unfortunately, all free places on investment forums are occupied by faster uplines — projects with good marketing up to 4% daily and with normal technical chars are quickly gaining their audience. You can share the link to the project for free on social networks, but always warn your readers about the possible risks. Experienced uplines can buy ads using cloaking — the HYIP admin accepts any traffic. Investment Portfolios

PlanMin-Max Deposit
104–140% after 1 day
135–160% after 6 days
170–550% after 9 days$10–100,000
265–900% after 15 days
415–1300% after 21 days
1500–2500% after 60 days
1000% after 5 days$10,000–100,000
2000% after 10 days$10,000–100,000
3000% after 30 days$5,000–100,000

The project marketing is perfect — users can earn not only RCB according to the first plan, but also 4% of profit, which will cover the commission of any available payment system. I recommend this plan, and which payment system to choose, you will find in the financial section.

Potential investor profit: he invests $200, receives a $10 bonus on our blog and $8 profit. Overall 9% profit or $18 from $200 investment.

The duration of the existence of such projects depends on the number of attracted investments and the amount of quality advertising. The admin provides ad on 17 monitors, 19 forums, 4 blogs.

Summary HYIP is a great option for your first fall investment if you haven’t already. Investors confidently add this project to their portfolio for 4-5 circles.
  • UK registration with 12113939 license number.
  • Both unique script and template.
  • hosting.
  • Strongns DDoS-protection.
  • PositiveSSL from Sectigo up to September 5, 2020.
  • NameCheap domain registrar for 5 years.
  • Promo on 17 monitors, 19 forums, 4 blogs.
  • Small problems with the template, some false information.
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My way: investing in HYIP (profit) => playing in the casino (profit) => HYIP.COM So, here I am, I am ready to share with you my unique experience.

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    Hello, anna I perpetually follow your website and take a look at to find out one thing additional what i do know. I actually have browse this web log and extremely pleased with you that you simply square measure extremely doing well. Thanks for staying with worldwide, Hopefully it’ll be continuing.


  2. Anna

    Hello, anna I perpetually follow your website and take a look at to find out one thing additional what i do know. I actually have browse this web log and extremely pleased with you that you simply square measure extremely doing well.


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