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Tycoon ICO — Buying and Selling Forex Trading Skills is a platform for both Forex traders and their subscribers. Tycoon Token holders will be able to automatically copy the transactions of top traders in real time. Developers will add the ability to invest in several traders at the same time. Thanks to this option, if one of the traders loses his deposit and the other receives income, the subscriber will have more chances to get a net profit.

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Funds Usage

Marketing and branding 40%
Platform develop 30%
International legal adaptions or license purchases 15%
Reserve 15%

Forex Trading Risks

We all can equally predict the future of certain currencies in the Forex market if we learn some strategies or follow the world news. We can also subscribe to news with forecasts. But this takes time to study, and install the necessary terminals on the computer, and spend time in front of the monitor, and look for a reliable broker, and open and close transactions on time.

ico - Tycoon ICO — Buying and Selling Forex Trading Skills

In addition, Forex trading is always risky even for experienced traders. For example, most forex traders know about the great trader Eliot, who achieved incredible trading results thanks to his win-win strategy — the Eliot wave theory. But even he lost his deposit at one point.

You can read more about Elliott theory at Pay attention to the owners of the Telegram channel in the review trying to put the Elliot theory on cryptocurrency, i.e. nonexistent assets. Elliot only worked with existing assets, the demand for which is formed by completely different principles. In any case, his theory is often used to trade the Forex market.

Benefits for Subscribers will be created for people who want to make a profit right now, but are not ready to spend time on the items listed above or take big risks to achieve results. They will be able to buy a subscription to professional traders, and the system will automatically copy their transactions through the API connection. The user will be able to choose the exchange for trading, fix the trading volumes for each of the traders, set individual stop-losses.

Benefits for Traders

  • The platform also benefits traders. Tycoon doesn’t steal their strategies from other exchanges, but creates its own community for traders. It is known that the more capital a trader has, the greater his income, but the risks also increase. On this site, which will be created by developers, they will be able to increase their income simply by giving the system access to their statistics through the API. Traders will receive a large percentage of each subscription.

Problems the Platform Solve

This practice is not unique — the user can use Google search and easily find sites that offer users to subscribe to automatically copy trader’s transactions. However, they have a number of problems.

  • Firstly, a scam on the part of traders. Traders can create an unlimited number of accounts. For example, unscrupulous users simply opened a deal in half of the accounts in an increase, in the other half — in a decrease. In the winning half, this action was repeated again until 10-20 operations were obtained. Users subscribed to their accounts with 80-100% statistics of successful transactions.
  • Secondly, the ability to trade on demo accounts without using real money.
  • Thirdly, such systems take up to 80% of the commission for subscribing.

Tycoon will try to solve the above problems in its interface.

Data Confidentiality

All subscribers and traders must pass KYC in order to be able to work on the platform. This data will be available to the founders of the platform to eliminate fraudulent situations, which I wrote about above. But traders will not receive the data of their subscribers, just as subscribers will not be able to see anything except the trader’s nickname and its statistics.

Commissions and Fees

The subscription fee depends on the amount that the subscriber is operating:

  • up to $5,000 — $5 for 4 weeks;
  • $5,001 and more — 0.1% of the allocated turnover.

Thus, for $5,001 turnovers, the subscriber will pay only $0.5 for 4 weeks. I remind you that he can choose one or more traders to operate with this amount and set a stop loss to reduce the risk of losing capital. Please note that the $5,000 that will be used to copy transactions is not sent to the creator of the Tycoon platform, but remains in the possession of the subscriber. All operations are carried out through the technology API.

Terms of Payment of Subscription and Receiving Trader’s Reward

All commissions are registered daily, but are not claimed together. The platform takes the full amount on the 25th day of each month and sends a part of its income to the Trader. Perhaps subscribers will be able to subscribe on the 1st of any month and receive a shareware subscription. If the trade of their chosen traders is successful, they will be able to pay for a subscription from the income received. This raises the question — will the user pay for a subscription for each trader separately or in general for the platform? Tycoon doesn’t give an official answer to this question, but I logically assume that the user will pay for a subscription to each trader individually.

Profit Distribution Between Platform Participants

The profit of subscribers depends only on the correct choice of a trader, the amount of investment, their degree of success.

Traders and Tycoon share revenue from subscriptions. Traders will receive 10%, and the platform – 5-10%, depending on the payment method.

The single official site:

Official Telegram Channel:;u=2697209

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Despite are you a player, businessman or investor, it can be good idea for you to go to the official ICO website, learn more about the project and invest in it, if you really keen on this industry.

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