Home » HYIP — Auto-Trading System Developing HYIP — Auto-Trading System Developing HYIP — Trading Development [1.1% daily for 120 days + 0.5–10% RC] HYIP with daily accruals has been working since May 26, 2019. Admin added the HYIP platform on three paid listings on the start day. He saved all terms of investment offers for today. According to the website, the project team develops an automated trading system.

In the description of the company, there are a lot of common words, as if it were made up through a neurogenerator. Let’s insert the first sentence into the talktotransformer and see how the received text will differ from the description of the company. is an investment fund that has been in business since 2010 and achieved excellent results. The fund manages the investment of your cash using sophisticated algorithms and an array of secure elements. The fund’s intellectual property is used by money managers, brokers and commercial banks all over the world to select, monitor, select and manage your investments. The fund owns a target number of stocks or shares that represent the value that must be achieved for the fund to achieve the desired return. The number of investment remains constant. The manager looks at a variety of factors to select stocks to add to your portfolio.

Note to future HYIP admins: a text generator creates legends more powerful than competitors from the past.


We traditionally offer 0.5–10% of deposit back, if the user used our link on the right in registration. Investor receive not only referral commission back, but also ability to invest in HYIP network platforms, as our blog & forum & monitor. Such respectable investment could to cover all of your losses from this platform in some day, if you will have.

Invest in

The HYIP organization is a UK officially registered company with 11950531 certificate as THREE DEPOSIT LTD. A business card of any high risk investment program is its both promotion and work duration. 3deposit HYIP has promo on 41 monitors now and working more than 180 days, which means about 32% of the potentially net profit for early investor.

Financial Part

The investors can join 3deposit offers via Bitcoin, Litecoin, BitcoinCash, Ethereum, Perfectmoney, Payeer. Minimal withdrawal amount is $0.2. It means that here is no minimal amount to withdraw factually because even if you attracting referrals, then minimal affiliate reward will be $0.55.

Support provides instant withdrawals usually. In some extremal cases, as tech payment system problems, it can take up to 30 hours. Investment Plans

PlanMin Deposit
1.1% daily for 120 days$50–15,000
110% after 5 days$500–50,000
4% daily for 30 days$5,001–500,000

We chose first offer with 1.1% daily for 120 days as a most get-at-able. We will receive $2.2 daily for 120 days or $66 of the net profit every month with our $200 investment.

Pay attention — 3deposit HYIP has a really aggressive marketing because of getting listing on 7 most solid monitors on a week from the start. Affiliate Program

3deposit is open to affiliates. They can receive 0.5–10% of referral’s deposit. In this time, the most actual traffic sources still investment forums in HYIP review threads, spam in social networks, Google/Facebook advertising companies. Do any of you try to use Instagram as a source to attracting referrals? Please, share other variants of traffic mining in comments. Background and Benefits for New Investors

I used some facts about the project in my review. Novice investors should know more about what they mean. On the other hand, investment bloggers don’t decrypt statistics analysis for readers. We see simply, for example, one admin bought 5 listings and another 25. So what? What would that mean?

Admin 3deposit bought 41 listings. This means that he spent at least $4,100 on advertising. At the same time, the project received about $4,000 investment. The admin either invests his own capital in advertising, or has agreed with monitors to pay for their monitoring daily (by simply adding a deposit to them on platform).

In the second case, he spends at least $46 on daily advertising. At least one deposit per day will allow the project to work profitably. We can track the approximate amount of deposits in the project through multi-monitors and predict the project lifetime.

There is a minor minus — the platform owner uses an unlicensed version of the script, but a large number of listings, UK registration certificate, SSL cover this bad side.

Summary old HYIP give profit one generation of early investors. Investors who can afford to risk $500 to get 10% profit every 5 days can make a big profit. We haven’t seen any negative feedback from investors about this plan or selective payout alerts.
  • UK registration certificate with 11950531 license.
  • GoDaddy hosting.
  • name-services DDOS-protection.
  • EssentialSSL from Sectigo up to 24 Feb, 2020
  • eNom domain registrar up to Apr 13, 2021
  • Promo on 41 monitors, 22 forums, 6 blogs
  • GoldCoders NO licensed script.
  • $50 minimal deposit.

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