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Asure ICO — Uniqueness, Security, Effectiveness of Solutions

Asure ICO — Destroying Social Security Issues [2019/01/21–2019/05/02]

Asure ICO pretends to place a role of the biggest global project. Its mission is to find a solution of current problems in the social security area. The project will be developed by an it-company from the Swiss city of Zug Azure Foundation. At the same time, the project team is mainly from Germany, and the founders are IT specialists.

Phase 1: 55% of all ASR tokens will be generated
  • Public Pre-Sale
  • Family & Friends
  • Bounty
  • Foundation

In the second phase 80% of all ASR tokens will be distributed

Public Main-Sale 35%
Team 8%
Advisors 2%

ICO Azure Project

The financing projects process in the field of IT-technologies is encrypted in the ICO abbreviation, which means raising funds for the realisation of projects by selling cryptocurrency to potential investors. This digital technology is called crowdsale.

ico - Asure ICO — Uniqueness, Security, Effectiveness of Solutions

The Azure network works on the Plasma platform, and uses the ASR service token, created as an Ethereum smart contract.

Plasma was developed back in 2017 precisely to solve the problem of scaling. In practice, such a platform is able to integrate any number of independent blockchain projects into a single structure on the principles of a tree hierarchy.

The Basis for Commercial Interest in Future Tokens’ Buyers

In fact, Azure will operate on the blockchain technology of a decentralized information environment. This ecosystem will integrate the efforts of developers and IT-specialists in various cyber areas with investors from all over the world.

Buyers / investors of AZURE tokens are social security service providers and network validators. They will receive a reward for blocks (operations performed by them on the Azure network), not only income from exchange rate token growth.

Dividends and Rewards

  • At the first Pre-ICO stage, which is finished at the moment of writing the review, investors may buy 10 million tokens in the amount of 5 million US dollars at a 2:1 exchange rate. According to the terms of the sale, buyers could receive 25% and 50% bonuses.At the second stage, during December 2019, is started a few days ago. Now investors receive the less favorable terms — the bonus for them will be only 15%. The Asure team would to sell 35 million ASR tokens in the amount of 35 million US dollars on the ICO stage.

ICO/Pre-ICO Details

The process of attracting investors to the project constitutes the initial exchange offer, hence the IEO (initial exchange offering) abbreviation that applies specifically to such projects.

The main ICO will take place in 2 stages. The minimum investment is limited to 0.5 ASR / ETN / USD. The total offer of ASR tokens compatible with ERC20 will be 100 million. 45% of them will be sold to investors through their TGE generation. 5%, based on the initial plans of the company of the issuer of the Azure Foundation, it is planned to spend on payment of remuneration to the bounty companies.

At the Pre ICO stage, it is planned to generate 55% of the total number of tokens attracted for the project. Of these, 5% will be shared between the bounty companies, as a reward for completing a set of marketing tasks, and reporting on network errors, for performing work to improve network algorithms.

Potential Azure Ecosystem Benefits

In addition to the phenomenal economic prospects, the Asure blockchain has a number of technological advantages that make it unique compared to a number of functionally similar it-projects. These features include effective protection against unauthorized access to it, which as a result leads to serious errors and malfunctions in the form of:

  • unauthorized expenses;
  • double expenses;
  • falsification of documents;
  • interventions in blockchain operational algorithms.

But perhaps the most unique feature of Asure, which also makes it a revolutionary ecosystem, is the use of the ZK-SNARKS protocol inside it, which allows each point in Asure to conduct the entire necessary transaction package anonymously. A similar principle of the functioning of the information environment is also called access with zero disclosure. And this technological moment, in turn, completely eliminates the procedure for storing confidential information, and therefore its abduction by cyber criminals.

Asure blockchain commercial viability for token / investor buyers 

Today there are more than 4 billion potential consumers of social security services in the world. Basically, this is still unreached people in Africa and Southeast Asia. At the same time, all Ethereum-based blockchain platforms ensures less than 1.5 million transactions per day. Already today, global information systems tied to the social security services sector (various pensions and benefits, insurance payments, and health care) cover almost 0.5 billion transactions per day.

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Despite are you a player, businessman or investor, it can be good idea for you to go to the official ICO website, learn more about the project and invest in it, if you really keen on this industry.

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AsureNetwork Main Sale TGE is finally LIVE!

KYC instructions:

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The potential high profitability of the project for ASR tokens holders is based on a number of technical and economic factors. It is immense and ever-growing market.
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